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As we all know the endgame PvP for STO is not only dead but entombed and forgotten. not only is sto virtually devoid of PvP orientated players which leaves me wondering how many people would be playing if the PvP wasnt broken (which it is but il get to that in a sec) but those who reach engame and try it will usually be smacked out the door backwards so hard they will never try it again let alone take the time to learn why they got destroyed.

When i hit 50 recently i expected as much being that im a refugee from swtor which has PvP specific gear at 50 i could tell there was a distinct difference between what the 6 players in PvP had and what i could find in the exchange. after 2 weeks of harassing and harassing the players and scouring google to no avail in search of what and where i could find this gear i finaly found it myself in yep, my new fleet's station venders.

This is a problem!

setting aside the vagueness of this game we can now see a simple fix to make the PvP ques just as active as the PvE ques i mean, how can such a terrible game like swtor have such a heavy PvP population and this game being as infinitely better as it is have NONE. well before i continue i want to say to you guys reading this thats its all good for you because you got your gear which you chose and earned fair and square and if your happy to have that advantage over all of about 4 people then fine by me enjoy your 3 hour ques if not, then heres the point.

When players reach level 50 (free to play included so to maintain balance and not cross the fine line of Pay2Win), they should be given a set of recruit PvP grade gear that is equal to advanced fleet gear but is bound and none modifiable. One weapon, the basic armor, basic shield, that is bound to them and the same for there ship only they should be made to select one ship to be fitted with new weapons and a shield that should be ship bound for obviouse reasons and forbidden in PvE as having this kit is not fair on PvE players.

the gear should be very middle of the road im not sure what that should be its debatable but obviously not a sniper or all cannons but more like phaser rifle/arrays and such so at least everyone is on even ground and players can work towards weapons that suit their own tactics and preferred playstyle.

In swtor you get this but theres a gear leveling system (ehem level to win much?) but STO gives you choice cannon, pistols, energy dampening, crit multiplier, phaser, tetryon its all one of the other which is just as much reward to work towards but only if your having fun while your doing it and in STO it isnt fun! why, because it isnt balanced until you get there and it still wont be because you'l have the advantage over others which is even less satisfying.

alternatively they could always do what guildwars 2 does and max out the level on everyone's kit but id say subtract a one level/rarity for every equil level/rarity below that players respective access just encase they decide to run and buy cheap low level stuff

These are the standards currently being set by the market leaders. Don,t be left behind species who do not evolve, become extinct.

TLDR? advanced fleet grade gear drop for ALL players who reach and are level 50 (none modifiable player/ship bound) take a minute to read if you have any problem with that before you respond. and yes my grammar is atrociousness i am sorry.

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