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Originally Posted by felderburg View Post
Would you rather have a mission like, let's say... the one with the Guardian on the Edge of Forever, where you actually go through a story, interact with items and people, and come out winning a scenario? Or would you rather mindlessly kill hordes of enemies so you can turn in what they dropped for various types of loot?

Arguably both of those things are "content". Arguably the TNG season 1 admiral's uniforms are "content". But what many people see as content involves actually doing a storyline mission, not mindless grinding. At the very least, the grinding should be disguised, or varied, or something.
This. I do like the dailies, but want story arcs as well. I've thoroughly enjoyed several of the Fleet dailies, but not exclusively.

Honsetly, I don't think dailies are any better than "one and done" missions in that regard. I can only do them so many times before they become monotonous. The idea of logging in to "do my dailies" instead of logging in to be engaged in the story detracts from the gaming experience for me. It becomes a daily task instead of a moment of entertainment.

A good mixture of solid story arcs/episodes, FEs, dailies, Foundry, and so forth would be ideal from my perspective.
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Originally Posted by broadnax View Post
The idea of logging in to "do my dailies" instead of logging in to be engaged in the story detracts from the gaming experience for me. It becomes a daily task instead of a moment of entertainment.
This is exactly why the idea of what makes good content needs to be examined. Sure, people enjoy doing dailies - it's the idea of doing them over and over again that causes issues. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.
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Originally Posted by felderburg View Post
... Or would you rather mindlessly kill hordes of enemies so you can turn in what they dropped for various types of loot?

... But what many people see as content involves actually doing a storyline mission, not mindless grinding. At the very least, the grinding should be disguised, or varied, or something.
Grinding is part of all MMOs. The most popular recently introduced a new expansion that I hear greatly expands on the amount of Grinding required. However, most GOOD MMOs tend to do a very good job at both varying and disguising the grinds (sadly, STO does not do a good job at either IMO)

It greatly saddens me to see that they are continuing to add grinds without even the attempt to disguise them as I have had several friends, even some with a LTS, who have left STO for MMOs that are Fun (STO seems too much like Work to them, and they have decided that given the choice, they would rather have fun in their limited free time than work)
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Cool, but I hope that the "new system" (i.e., the Rep system) doesn't make things needlessly complicated. Seems like we are heading toward multiple multiple currencies again. Sometimes more isn't better, it's just...more.

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Originally Posted by dkeith2011 View Post
Hurray for more grind and yet another restricted currency!!

Not impressed Devs. I have to wonder why you bothered with the much toted currency reduction when all you've done since is add more back in.
I'm not sure about you, but I remember my bitter disappointment when I realized that the Markls of exploration I earned at Commander became ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS when I made captain. Sure I could spend them to buy stuff, but.... Commander level stuff, not gear worth having.

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Sounds cool

BUT: Whats the motivation? Sure, player motivation for helping the Romulans is new stuff to do & new rewards to gain; but what would be the ingame - lore motivator for the empire to help the poor romulans? I does sound more like a good time to charge in full force and invade or ignore them if federation+romulan resistance is to strong.

Its a planet on which a archenemy of the empire tries to set foot on with help of another current enemy they are at war with.
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I'm probably going to get turned into KFC extra crispy recipe here for this one, but here goes. For a minute lets pretend STO isn't a game but a TV series. The reason for this will be evident in a minute so just bear with me.
Back in the good old days of physical sets and people not being paid a million dollars per episode, the average TV series ran between 23-26 episodes per season. Now with the increased time it takes for all the digital FX and the increase in pay for actors, etc. the average TV series runs 13 episodes. For the following we'll go with the new standard of 13.
I know you're still wondering what all this has to do with STO, and the simple answer is, The grind. As we all know grinds are commonplace in mmo games, they are often a test of dedication to get some really good rewards and/or a simple way for the developers to give themselves breathing room for the next expansion.
Season 6 not only expanded on the amount of grinds by adding more, but opened up previously time gated ones, and on top of it all added the largest grind ever with the Fleet bases. Life is alright one giant grind, we wake up, go to work and grind at our jobs for however many hours, come home, want to relax, and then do it all over again. If you go from the daily grind of work to the endless grinding of STO content that line between work and entertainment blurs really quickly. Season 7 seems to be promising more of the same grinding.
Now back to the whole TV series reference. 13 episodes per year broken down into 1 episode per month is obviously 12 episode +1. There are two different ways this could get broken down and used for STO content.

Version 1:

13 episodes

1 episode of story content per month

on 12th month 1 story episode plus the major "season" expansion


Version 2:

13 episodes - 2 parts for each episode

1 episode of story content broken into two parts (part 1 released at the beginning of the month, part 2 at the end)

12th month - 1 episode plus larger "season" expansion

23 episodes overall released.

Offseason season "reruns" would allow players that missed them the first time to play them or others the chance to play them again.


The spacing between episode releases means that a 1-3 person team could easily complete the episodes on time and still devote time to the larger season expansion.

there would be another benefit of this as well. for example the episode might have you working with the Enterprise to help the Baku in the briar patch defend from a borg research ship trying to recover materials from the rings to enhance drone effectiveness. If you take your ships in fighting chances are the Borg will just detonate the gases and kill you. so the Enterprise loans you a Delta Flyer to send a strike team to defeat the Borg. Perfect combination of adding new content to the story missions and giving players a chance to "test drive" the delta flyer and could lead to increased sales.
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I'm looking forward, if Adventure means what I think.

An idea. Romulan Marks and reputation the more reputation you have the more missions you get access to. I.e. the good things you do mean more people want you to help them too, because you're seen as trustworthy.

But I hope that the reputation has a persistent meaning in that sector and hopefully throughout Romulan space.

And I'm stoked that there is now an alternate way of gaining access to the Reman set (assumption since the Vault is being shifted to rewarding Romulan Marks). I tell you grinding the Vault (mind you I never played it before Season 6) was something like a virtual representation of the eighth circle of hell. I have beaten approximately three times. An alternate way to complete my set I will look forward to greatly. In fact, thank you in advance Cryptic team, JUST for that. That alone justifies the change to Romulan Marks.

Originally Posted by dkeith2011 View Post
All content in the game should be desirable for replay, not just a few missions.

Attach a worth while amount of dilithium and other special rewards to each of the arcs in the game and suddenly you have a huge selection of repeatable content.

This would eliminate a lot of the percieved grind and make story line mission content feasible as it would no longer be 'one off content'.
I have an idea about replayability.

Branching story with purpose.

Example: You have something like the Vault. When you beat the Vault you get the Reman Covariant Shield. Great. What if you had a branching path in that mission where you go down a different path and encounter different people and have a completely different objective and resolve the mission a different way get a different reward. Instead of selecting your mission reward, the path you choose to complete the mission by determines your reward. So you can walk out with the Reman Engine or Deflector, or you can rescue the Reman Science BOFF.

Originally Posted by zorbane View Post
Hmm this just gave me an unpleasant thought. All the Tholians we've been nuking at Nukara (heh) are naked!
Well yeah. It's hot they don't need to wear clothes.

Notice that when you go into their environment they're naked, you're wearing a EV Suit.

When they come into your environment they're wearing an EV suit, and you're...still wearing clothes. I wonder if they're wondering why we aren't naked? :hmm
Yes I support This

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You know... there is one important thing that no one is asking.....

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Since it seems you guys have gotten the Tholian EV suits working, is there any chance the Tholians will hit the Foundry soon?

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