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# 1 The Excelsior
10-23-2012, 11:11 PM
I admit, feels like the ole Excelsior is kind of falling behind in the times, as it were. I know it's technically already very out-dated, but still...

It had the most 'teeth' of any Fed cruiser for a long time with that Lt. Cmdr tac slot. It's got a fully functioning Transwarp drive, is quite maneuverable for a Fed cruiser, and so on.

To me, it's always been my favorite Star Trek ship (Negh'var has always been my favorite Klingon ship), it was the first C-store ship I ever bought, and used it for a long time before I moved onto other ships.

I doubt we'll ever see a fleet version (shame really), but I do hope to see at least one thing happen hopefully in season 7 from the ole Excelsior:

The Transwarp will take us to the new sector block.

I think that's pretty fair to be honest. I dunno, we fly an Excelsior for various reasons, and a big bonus of it is that you can Transwarp anywhere, and much more often if you use an Astrometrics DOFF and/or the Transwarp computer.

I know there's so many more ships, but seeing all these Advanced Quantum Slipstreams and such flying around, all the new Transwarp options people have, I just felt like giving this old ship a bit of a small upgrade to keep up a bit, wouldn't be over doing it.

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