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IMHO Starbase requistion management definitely needs some kind of overhaul.

At the moment only fleet leaders can 'help themselves'
to the advanced and elite gear, which is fine. But when a rank and file officer
needs a weapon(s) we have got to promote him and then de-mote him which is
time consuming and has a 'big brother' is watching you feel to it.


Lets have a starbase requisition management screen where reqs can be limited
on a per week, month basis.


A system where tokens are handed out by fleet leaders for reqs. E.g. 2,3,4 a week depending on fleet rules and then the junior officers can help themselves.

By the way my fleet is not totalitarian or militaristic just concerned at the abuse if
there was a 'free for all' system in place.

Quick Note: Why is Starbase issues not a main main forum title like PvE, PvP, Recruitment etc.?

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