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10-24-2012, 09:52 AM
Aside from a couple of unanswered posts in August, I wasn't able to find a real thread addressing this issue. What is the deal with the skewed doff generation? Starbases have put huge demands on white & green doffs, but their availability is completely out of proportion. It was bad enough for Tier 1-3, but now seeing the T4 project costs, its ridiculous. As it stands, Engineers are pretty uncommon, Medical doffs are exceedingly rare, and Security guys are virtually nonexistant. Starbases, however, want them in equal numbers for the first three tiers... then you get to T4 and see your science project wants 140 medical doffs?

There have been a few posts made showing the ridiculous disparity in doff generation, especially with Starbase doffs granting disproportionately high numbers of Flight Deck Officers and Warfare Specialists. Has any of this been addressed by a dev? I did my best to search, but it looks like they are just quietly ignoring this one. It can't be that hard to tweak the generation algorithm to balance it out, can it?

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