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10-24-2012, 02:03 PM
Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
This is a new game system much like the Fleet System was a new system in Season 6. We did not give existing Fleets credit for having played Fleet Actions prior to Season 6 - everyone started from the same point.
You dont actually think we're that naive do you? Before Season 6, fleet actions didnt have any rewards tied to them other than some trophies and some random gear you got for finishing in 1st-3rd place... When you introduced the Fleet System, it didnt seem like any of it was tied to any of the fleet actions.

This is completely different... youre bringing in a new system... but you are completely recycling missions and rewards and shoehorning it into the system.

Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
Similarly, the Reputation system is a new way to earn Captain advancement and will be expanded on in future updates. Season 7 introduces Omega and Romulans, but there will be more reputations and rewards added later. We want everyone to experience the Reputation system on equal footing and be able to make smart decisions about which powers they want their captain to have at each tier. In the case of the Romulan reputation, we want players to experience the mission and cutscene unlocks that occur at each tier that are representative of the ongoing relationship the player has with the Romulans.
I get that you want players to be equal in the rep system.. but you see, when you included something in the system that people arent equal in now... you just shafted anyone who had made progress through the current system.

Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
So we are not trying to say "go do it again". We are trying to say, we appreciate you've played a lot of STFs and continue to do so. We are now adding additional rewards that you can obtain as you continue to play STFs - plus we are giving you a definite answer as to "when am I going to get that last piece of gear I need?!"

Now you will know.
Except... THATS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE SAYING!!! You're saying to anyone with a partial set or even a full set; "Hey thanks for playing... now go grind it again if you want access to any of the gear.

If you actually appreciated the fact that we played STFs you would be award people with partial or full Mk XII sets Teir V reputation automatically, because we were the ones who sat in your game and played the missions you designed to get the sets.

As it is, right now for me... I'm closer to getting the full set in the current luck based system than I am in the Reputation system.

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