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10-24-2012, 02:03 PM
Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
This is a new game system much like the Fleet System was a new system in Season 6. We did not give existing Fleets credit for having played Fleet Actions prior to Season 6 - everyone started from the same point.
You dont actually think we're that naive do you? Before Season 6, fleet actions didnt have any rewards tied to them other than some trophies and some random gear you got for finishing in 1st-3rd place... When you introduced the Fleet System, it didnt seem like any of it was tied to any of the fleet actions.

This is completely different... youre bringing in a new system... but you are completely recycling missions and rewards and shoehorning it into the system.

Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
Similarly, the Reputation system is a new way to earn Captain advancement and will be expanded on in future updates. Season 7 introduces Omega and Romulans, but there will be more reputations and rewards added later. We want everyone to experience the Reputation system on equal footing and be able to make smart decisions about which powers they want their captain to have at each tier. In the case of the Romulan reputation, we want players to experience the mission and cutscene unlocks that occur at each tier that are representative of the ongoing relationship the player has with the Romulans.
I get that you want players to be equal in the rep system.. but you see, when you included something in the system that people arent equal in now... you just shafted anyone who had made progress through the current system.

Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
So we are not trying to say "go do it again". We are trying to say, we appreciate you've played a lot of STFs and continue to do so. We are now adding additional rewards that you can obtain as you continue to play STFs - plus we are giving you a definite answer as to "when am I going to get that last piece of gear I need?!"

Now you will know.
Except... THATS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE SAYING!!! You're saying to anyone with a partial set or even a full set; "Hey thanks for playing... now go grind it again if you want access to any of the gear.

If you actually appreciated the fact that we played STFs you would be award people with partial or full Mk XII sets Teir V reputation automatically, because we were the ones who sat in your game and played the missions you designed to get the sets.

As it is, right now for me... I'm closer to getting the full set in the current luck based system than I am in the Reputation system.
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10-24-2012, 02:04 PM
I agree with the sentiment, I'm so bloody sick of Dilithium.

To depart from the OP's comment a bit, I'm not concerned about how much DL is needed, but why it's needed at all? With so many things needing it, grinding it out becomes a less realistic option and therefore greed becomes the only explanation. Doubtless the rommie rep system will need it too.

Sure, you need to make money but it's getting a bit much. I went 14 months without spending a penny on this game, keep this up and it'll be another 14 before I consider buying any zen again.
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Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
= nobody will feel the need to play IGE or CGE because those are easy to fail?

*not sure if better*
I would probally still do ground because with the right people the ground ones are faster and sometimes more fun/enjoyable. Especially with KDF toons because they are more ground oriented with their passives and special ground skills if you choose them when making your character.
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Originally Posted by gespensterjaeger View Post

my worst fears came true Cryptic is trying to kill Sto.

its trying to get rid off all the players.

26 days HOLY HELL

thats like 19 hours a day forced play time.
It will take a player 23.5 days to advance through the entire Omega system. To be perfectly honest, it isn't that difficult to do. Once you have the needed materials it takes 1 day 16 hours to get one set piece. Assuming you used both slots you are looking at about 3.9 more days to get the set. That is also assuming that Cryptic didn't bump up the completion times at higher tiers. At this point I wouldn't put it past them...
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10-24-2012, 02:05 PM
Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
The final numbers which are being worked out calculate the average player completing the Omega Fleet Rep system around 2 months, which does require a time investment, but is a much better timeframe than "maybe someday you'll get the gear" which is what it was under the random loot drop system. Now you'll alway see how close you are to getting the gear and it won't take a year (like it has for some players.

There will be Omega projects that generate Dilithium similar to how you could trade items in for Dilithium. I don't have specifics or final numbers on what the inputs/outputs of that project are yet.

All existing gear you've purchased via STFs will remain on your character. The Omega set is not going away at all. There are some slight changes happening to the Borg Space set in that you only will need 3 set pieces to get all 4 of the set bonuses, and a second set is being introduced that uses the console. Again - these changes will be available on Tribble soon for those that want to see it in action.

So the only thing being locked away is Data Chips, Prototype Requsitions etc, that sort of thing, but no Armour, Weapons etc?

Still we needmore STF's to grind not the same old ones yet again.
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10-24-2012, 02:06 PM
Will there be a way to unlock T5 of the rep system on tribble for testing of the new player abilities/passives concerning pvp balance?
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10-24-2012, 02:07 PM
Mr. Stahl, a few issues:

Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
- The goal of the conversion is to retain "purchasing power" as close to what it was previously. We looked at the amount of items needed to obtain gear sets and set out to ensure that if you had enough items to get a specific gear piece or gear set, the conversion would be do its best to retain that purchasing power in the new system. Keep in mind that the way you obtain MACO/HONOR/OMEGA sets is going to be different because it will no longer be in a store, and will instead be via projects. So just having a conversion rate would not necessarily help you decide whether to cash out yet or not. The way you obtain dilithium and gear is changing in this system and you'll be able to see most of those changes on Tribble.
I'm afraid purchasing power won't be nearly the same, if dilithium prices for the current STF items stay the same as they are on Tribble. On an average evening of playing each space STF once on Holodeck, I would be able to purchase 1-2 mk xii items, and probably twice as many mk xi items. With a refining limit of 8000 per day, I couldn't even buy one mk xii item. That is unacceptable.

Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
- The conversion will be different for everyone which is why we aren't posting a chart. When you get your crate, it will tell your character specifically how much Omega Marks, Borg Neural Processors, and Dilithium your items were converted to. If you are worried that the exchange may not be to your liking, then you'll have to make the call whether to spend or not. For the most part we are posting this blog to give you enough time to make that call for yourself.
The end number will be different for everyone, but it will be calculated by some sort of algorithm. The only reasons to withhold this information would be because of massive mathematical complexity, or because you don't want people hoarding the amount of resources before diminishing returns kick in, and liquidating the rest.

Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
- - Due to the fact that some players have enough items being converted to max out the new system, we chose to withhold the conversion crate until the character hits tier 5 in Omega for a few reasons. We wanted player to have the choice at each tier how to spend their resources. We wanted players to be able to make choices about which captain power they want at each tier. We wanted to retain player's purchasing power by holding back the converted items until they can be spent on the Gear Sets. This prevents players from spending the resources they'd saved up for Omega Gear Sets on something else without realizing it.
Don't the reputation system assignments take time to complete? It shouldn't make a difference whether or not a few people already have the resources to plug in when their timers are up. They will advance through the system marginally faster, if at all.
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Well if they get visuals from the old sets I'd rather give them the armor than get 2 k dil for the new regime (or even just 1 k)

Hell, I might even do it without the visuals and take my chances
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So two things I got out of this;
1) Spend all your STF stuff BEFORE the conversion. Your data chips, requisitions, etc, trade em in for dilith before Cryptic "locks" them away.
2) If you use the assimilated console as a way to get passive abilities from two diff sets your screwed. I use 2 pieces of the MACO and 2 peices of the borg (one being the assimilated console) on my advanced escort. This gives me the 2-peice set abilities from both the MACO and the Borg. Sounds like they are taking away this ability?

Overall I applaud these changes, standardizing reward systems into a common interface is one more step towards creating a simple and stable backbone to the game. As designers, it must be hard to expand the content of a game when you're still trying to figure the basic game mechanics. I believe mission drops should still be included as additional bonuses (to give us things to sell and for dilith). Then use the reputation system to obtain the sets and special items.
In addition Cryptic should consider integrating this system into the regular missions. But ONLY IF YOU KEEP THE MISSION DROPS AS WELL. Keeping the mission drops as they are now will insure people will still play the different missions, but adding a "marks" system for reputation earned through mission-play will encourage people to play ALL the missions not just the ones that provide the completion rewards they desire. This would also allow Cryptic to add new sets and rewards for players who play the story content.
Now if they would just standardize the different monetary formats we'd be on our way to a solid core game!
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Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
It will take a player 23.5 days to advance through the entire Omega system. To be perfectly honest, it isn't that difficult to do. Once you have the needed materials it takes 1 day 16 hours to get one set piece. Assuming you used both slots you are looking at about 3.9 more days to get the set. That is also assuming that Cryptic didn't bump up the completion times at higher tiers. At this point I wouldn't put it past them...
aktually it is very difficult. couse 23.5 days is still 23.5 DAYS in real life
wich means you need 8.000 dilithium per day wich means what 4-8 hours minimum play time PER DAY.

thats hmm lets see 552 hours play time we can short it down to 400 hours play time.

not a difficult thing to do ? errr

and not to mention you aktully need to wait the physical 552 HOURS?

what is so wrong with our current system "press a buttom" "get the item" "equip it" takes what 2 min ?
If only they fix Cloaking bugg *new message BOOM decloacked.
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