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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
Ok, just checked with the designers and here is what they've done for Season 7

- Normal STFs now reward 240 Dilithium + Omega Marks
- Elite STFs now reward 480 Dilithium + Omega Marks + Borg Commodity for MKXII Sets

Why are STFs being so heavily penalized?

We are also losing the EDC, Rare/Proto Salvage, Extra Tech Dilithium turn ins are we not?

It's going to cost approximately 484,000 dilithium to get to T5 rep, buy 8 [Borg] weapons & buy 3 set pieces.

Why de-incentivize the very content that you are adding a dilithium sink to by reducing the dilithium rewards?

For one thing, ground rewards as they stand now are not commensurate with the amount of time investment they require vs. space.

Another is that 480 is really a pittance for an Elite STF.

Here are some solo missions that reward 480:

  • Rescue Deferi Captives (this mission takes under 3 minutes)
  • History 102: Alpha Quadrant Midterm (takes about 30s)
  • Explore Strange New Worlds 1440 (takes about 15 minutes)
  • The above can be combined with Chart the B'tran cluster for a total of 2880 dilithium
  • Traelus System Repair 480 (takes under 5 minutes)
There are at least another 3-4 missions like this.

There is no reason that an Elite STF that requires 5 players to first get together and complete should reward the same or less missions than what's listed above

In fact you can earn 500 dilithium not even being at your PC through the DOFF system or 2K dilithium through the contraband turn in!!

I think the idea was to push more people into the fleet events and alerts, here are my problems with that:

1) Incentive for content A does not need to be mutually exclusive with incentive content B.

2) Players should earn rewards based on the content. I'm glad you're improving fleet action rewards, but why do you feel the need to crush the STF rewards at the same time? Some of these fleet actions are just big, story-less shooting galleries that don't even require the slightest bit of thought.

If you really want to incentivize various existing content you need to build it into the calendar with more bonus days or even bonus per week if a player completes content A, B, C & D in a specific time frame (say, 1 week) then they get a X% bonus dilithium or a better chance at a drop or similar.

While we're on the subject of reward:

Originally Posted by dstahl
In addition Fleet Actions will now have better rewards in general
Gold = Purple + 1920 Dilithium
Silver = Purple + 960 Dilithium
Bronze = Blue + 960 Dilithium
All others = Green + 960 Dilithium

I like the idea of player's being rewarded for better performance.

The above is problematic however.

You can clearly see the issue present itself in starbase 24.

You have 5 players, playing completely selfishly. No one is there to help anyone else.

You have 1 player who is the winner, and the only way to win is just raw damage output which basically tells two entire ship classes and two captain types to just stay home if they actually want a reward.

What you should do, for bonus rewards, is something similar to STFs (but are not straight DPS races, which plays into the above as well just a bit less selfishly).

Essentially, there should be a set of performance thresholds and when those are achieved the entire team gets a bonus reward.

This could comeas a set of optionals that must be achieved or if you want to simply sum up the combined DPS/Heals/Debuffs put out by a team vs. time to complete.

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