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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
I am right. Dodds is finishing up the Space portion of the STF secretely and we haven't told Brandon yet

But Brandon is right in that "Into the Hive" refers to the ground portion of the STF. The space portion will probably have its own name.

It is a face off against the Borg Queen diamond as well as some other challenges at one of the unimatrix complexes. It is pretty awesome.
Just made my day Also could you give us an explanation on the dilithium changes like the increased amount for items, smaller rewards for STFs, greater for Fleet Actions (I know season 6 was big with fleets and you want more people using fleets and the new stuff, but a lot of us just like playing with a couple of friends and/or playing solo) Are you trying to promote areas of the game that are becoming less popular or just doing another rebalance in the games system for future content.

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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
The Dilithium exchange counts for such a small part of our business that adding more to this does not have any significant change on our bottom line when compared to other promotions such as the Lifetime sale or 15% Zen Sales.
If that's the case, why add farily sizable, and unpopular, dilithium taxes to all of the STF gear and to things like DOFF cadres/grinders (which are fairly random in their rewards and already incur a cost of DOFFs in the case of grinders)?

Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
By putting in both more ways to earn and more ways to spend Dilithium
You are also removing or reducing other dilithium rewards that currently exist.

SEE: STF completion rewards, salvage turn ins, EDC turn ins, and excess borg tech turn ins.

Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
it greatly benefits the players who have lots of time to spend in the game by making Dilithium valuable.
And conversely punishes players who don't.

It also, while we're on the subject, does not reward people who do not play the content the devs want people to play.

You have a wealth of story missions and have mentioned in the past that people play them once and then move on.

Do you think people play the Eta Eridani dailies because the stories are awesome?

No, they play those because they reward dilithium and story missions do not.

Incentivize your pre-existing content with dilithium rewards - this allows you to re-use content that has already had all of the development work put into it.

Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
So all this talk of "increasing profits because we are in trouble" is absolutely not true. Profits are just fine without Dilithium...
Then please review your pricing.

Currently to get to T5, buy 8 [Borg] weapons and buy 3 STF set pieces costs 484k dilithium (approx numbers) - that's over 3000 zen at current exchange prices or 60 days worth of refining.

If you don't need that dilithium for your profit margins, why squeeze the playerbase so hard?

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Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
That being the case the concerns I have garnered form the player-base that we wish to see addressed are;
  • The insane increase in Doff grinder Dilithium costs (no on wants this at all)
  • The reduction in Dilithium rewards for STF's
  • The creation of multiple new and expensive Dilithium sinks especially in STF's where to get a full space set and weapons we are looking at a staggering 450k Dilithium

Those are the concerns we wish to see addressed by the team and as you can see their is a common concern in each point.
Very well put. This sums up the concerns voiced in this thread very well. The only other concern voiced was over the future of the eight liberated borg duty officers obtainable from Roxy.

Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
That is a valid point and one that I've already talked to the designers about. We may remove the 2x Dilithium for Gold and just give everyone 960 Dilithium.

It is also worth mentioning, the reason why I'm still on this thread is because all of the feedback in this thread is being shared with the designers and the team. When good points and valid concerns are brought up, I'm taking those concerns to the designers and we're discussing it.

That is one of the purposes of this thread - to get immediate feedback as we are implementing the system. Nothing is set in stone in an MMO an we can always adjust. None of this is even live yet, but we do ask that you give it a fair shake once ALL of Season 7 is up on Tribble and we have the Test Weekend. Then you can see how all the economies are updated and make a more valid assessment.

We will then adjust more from there.
dastahl, thank you very much for your commitment to this thread even after normal business hours. The effort you have put into getting questions brought up here is very much appreciated. Your responses have put some of that concern to rest. Once Season 7 is fully on tribble, I am hopeful that the feedback will help resolve the concern over the additional dilithium costs and reductions.
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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
There is no corporate overlord impossing game design on us. The closest thing we have to that is Jack Emmert and honestly, he plays STO constantly and usually has really good feedback and is constantly trying to get improvements made to the game.
On a side note: If you can pry Jack away from STo long enough to play Champions you might notice their Alert system is far better than the current one in STO.

Would it be possible to set up STO in a similar way?

I know on tribble for Season 6 there was a neat UI popup similar to the "Alert" sidebar in Champions. Could that be set so that a popup would occur for say "Sirius Sector Borg Assault", I click on it and am entered into a queue that, when full, opens an instance for a Borg Red Alert?

This seems like it might fix the still prevalent issue with a Red Alert appearing and people hitting accept only to be taken to empty maps or team that are half full.

This system could then be expanded to include Red Alerts with Tholians, Klingons, etc.

Imagine a Red Alert series featuring a mixed strike force of Klingon/Lethean/Naussicaan/Orion ships that attack Utopia Plantia, Vulcan, Andoria, ESD, Deep Space K-7. Offer both space and ground versions for queuing.

Same could be done with say Romulan/Reman forced attacking Memory Alpha, Starbase 39, Starbase 114(? the one in Regulus sector), and maybe K-7 as well.

These could also be expanded to Orion/Naussicaan attack on Convoys or something.

The Alert system they have would ROCK in STO and be even more sensible. The Enterprise-E wasn't even in the Sirius Sector when they heard of the Borg incursion...why do I have to be?

Doing an Alert system revamp that is similar to what CO has and similar to what I mention above would really make being in game more exciting and open up the chance to add something new with minimal work considering everything I mention is already in-game art-wise.

Toss Dilithium and Rep/Fleet marks on there and you're set.

Also another side: Will we see Reputation within our factions anytime soon?

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If the dil prices were not cut and if the fleet actions gave everyone the same amount and not tiered (DPS always wins) then things would go over a little smoother. Lobi crystals and dil should be account wide and not toon wide also because it would make the grind a little easier. The realistic fact is more sinks have been added to the game and the amount we make has been reduced so we have the grind effect.
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Originally Posted by daveyny View Post
I have no idea where it is at the moment...

But there is a post out there by the Dstahl, that explains that that particular "Non-Problem" is "...Working As Intended".
how is it working as intended I dont believe its intended for you to get pulled out of cloak cause one of your bridge officers has something to say.... thats just tripe
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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post

While I went into an explaination of our view on Dilithium earlier in the thread, the gist of it is that Dilithium is designed to benefit players who have time to play but don't have that much money. The amount of Dilithium needed across the game is determined by the player's desire for rewards and no one ever has to spend any money on Dilithium - period. Everyone can refine Dilithium every day.
If this is what you understand the Dilithium Economy to be, why are you halving the dilithium rewards in STF's and introducing these new Dilithium sinks?, some of which will cost 100,000's of Dilithium. Surely they will only curtail a free players ability to use Dilithium for the purpose you have designed it for... to allow F2P players a chance to buy from the C-Store!?

It seems contradictory.
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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
Ok, just checked with the designers and here is what they've done for Season 7

- Normal STFs now reward 240 Dilithium + Omega Marks
- Elite STFs now reward 480 Dilithium + Omega Marks + Borg Commodity for MKXII Sets
- Fleet Actions now reward 960 Dilithium (1st place Gold gets 2x this = 1920 Dilithium)

In Season 7, Fleet Actions will now become the best source of Dilithium between the two types of Events.

In addition Fleet Actions will now have better rewards in general
Gold = Purple + 1920 Dilithium
Silver = Purple + 960 Dilithium
Bronze = Blue + 960 Dilithium
All others = Green + 960 Dilithium

In addition, at max level in the Omega Fleet a repetable project unlocks that converts Omega Marks to Dilithium at a rate of 50 marks to 500 dilithium or thereabouts.

The new Red Alert daily in the New Romulus Sector also rewards 480 Dilithium in addition to Rom marks.

All of this could change before Season 7 hits, but that is what the current plan is.
I've never liked the concept of competing with your own teammates in general and I like this even less.

Unless you have a perfectly min/maxed build you are screwed.

FAs need to rank the outcome of the mission for overall rewards (everyone gets the same) and provide individual bonuses based on each players contribution.
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(Edit: contained wrong information, sorry... got Dilithium mixed up with EC's.)
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After going over the posts again, I figured out how we can fix this system. Instead of everyone undercutting each other in the exchange, start selling a single zen for 1,000 dilithium.

1 zen = 1,000 dilith
10 zen = 10,000 dilith
500 zen = 500,000 dilith
1,000 zen = 1,000,000 dilith

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