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10-24-2012, 10:55 PM
I usually don't post much.

<Sarcasim>Honestly I'm fine with with the Dilithium reductions. On One condition. these STFs can get quickly out of hand. 480 might be worth it with for a round that goes as planned.

But how about when you get on that crappy team with 4 rainbow cruisers that struggle just to bring Donatra's shields down. That can easily turn into a 40 minute game....I just drop those now, when 1050 dilithium is at stake. You think I'm going to hesitate when its only 480 and some marks?

And I know the answer is not to PUG, but how about when we have no choice? How about you guys look at the stats and throw the low DPS guys in together? I'm sure there are states on the servers that single out these 800dps wonders. It can't be hard to put a ninja filter on the server that will do it, you like to ninja nerf everything else.

This game is all about farming now, so don't leave us stuck with the three legged mules. If you want to gut our profits, don't leave us stuck with people who waste our time.

As for those 800dps clowns....well they will figure out how to get better really quick if they get stuck together for awhile. Its not that hard to google a tutorial and make a descent build.</Sarcasim>

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