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A lot of the standard-issue STF gear have wrong descriptions. Since the STF loot system will be changing in Season 7, you might want to consider correcting this. I know of the following errors:

1. Some of the split-beam rifles are mislabeled as miniguns.
2. Both the space and ground shields grant plasma resistance, but their titles say [Ap], not [Pla].
3. Many of the deflectors have modifiers that no longer exist in their titles.

There may be more errors than what is listed above.
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10-24-2012, 09:55 PM
It's not just STF gear.... I recieved some Mark X engineering consoles, but the description showed Mark XII engines. I've also seen this in the Exchange every once in a while when I search for something, like a phaser, and two or three different weapon types show up....

I submitted a bug report, but never heard back.

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