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10-25-2012, 07:11 AM
As of 25 October, we are officially 15 days old. During this time we have gained a total of 25 members (29 with alts). This is a welcome surprise for me as I never expected a Fleet/House with the primary goal of roleplaying to be popular enough to attract so many so quickly.

This is a testament to all of our experienced roleplayers who establish the tone and atmosphere of the various scenes. Their willingness to help teach roleplaying etiquette and patience with members less proficeint in roleplaying.

Prior to now, I didn't feel a need to develop a promotion/recognition policy mainly because the quick growth of this House exceedingly surpassed any expectations. As you notice, there have been newer players promoted and possibly newer than someone else. However by reviewing the policy will understand why such promotions took place.

1. As the House leader, I actively watch roleplaying as they take place. I've been roleplaying for a very long time and can see experienced players as they develop the scene, progress a storyline, and take the lead in setting up opportunities. If I or a member of the Masters ranking feel that a member will help this house by actively engaging in roleplaying opportunities, they will receive the position increase in recognition for these actions. (Note: No one gets promoted 6 levels in a day or a week, but one or two slots depending on activity and contribution).

2. I do not have to be present during a roleplaying scene/story. If you coordinate and/or attend a roleplaying scene and someone stands out from the pack. You as a member of the house can PM, email, or chat with me. You can vote for someone else to receive recognition and/or promotion for their participation and talents. You can not vote for yourself though.

3. In regards to Master level promotions, a council meeting between myself and the Master level players will take place. A majority vote is needed in order to receive a promotion to these positions. Candidates will not be in attendance for discussions.

****Now, What do I mean by coordinate/control/progress roleplaying****

It can be gathering members together for a social scene.

It can be gathering members together to team up (must have some sort of interaction in character) to complete STFs, PvPs, PvEs, Stories, Fleet Actions, or Foundry missions.

Remember roleplaying etiquette.

comments made in chat are what your character is saying.

In order to designate actions place a star * before and after the action.

Jordan *picks up a glass and carries it to the table*

OOC: Out of character comments and/or actions should be conveyed on a team or fleet chat. The in character or IC actions on the local/zone chat provided to the group.

I felt it important to place these standards on this forum in order to show full consistency with current and possible members. There is a clear cut definition on evalutions for everyone to see.

For any questions feel free to ask.

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