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Originally Posted by shredder75 View Post
I have Mk12 AP cannons as well, and they do markedly more damage, but I find the phaser PD exceptionally handy against ships since it just rips them to shreds. I swap other consoles into that slot depending on the situation.

The reason I have an aft launcher is because I make attack passes. I'm ALWAYS moving to keep my defense up, and I weave in and out while trying to stay within 3.5km or less, as well as positioning to maximize CSV. In the long run, my aft torpedo spread volleys easily offset the loss of a turret. Basically I play my Defiant more like I play my Hegh'ta.
MK XII AP cannons? Are they the Borg variety? Or Fleet?

A flight speed of 24 will give you the maximum defense your ship can have. Any more than that is just for the sake of flying really fast.
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Originally Posted by shredder75 View Post
Your power level isn't dropping because of the kinetic launchers, not because of the DCs.
Power levels drop when you have 2 weapons firing at the same time. The single torpedo up front is not the reason my power levels dont drop.(but it does help) It is primarily due to the fact that i dont use 2 of the same type of weapon.

I tried swapping out the dbb and the dc for dhc (making the loadout 3dhc and 1 torp up front), and guess what? Power levels dropped. every firing blast now dropped my energy down significantly.

ill do some more looking when i have time this evening, but so far mixing it up seems to be the best.

MY tests are very hard to gauge correctly, seeing as there is no dps meter for this game. I can only judge based off how well/quickly i take down cubes/probes..etc.)
Anyone know of a dps meter for this game?
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10-18-2012, 09:04 PM
Yes, of course there are DPS meters. I don't mean to sound like an ass, but its pretty hard to take any posts "oh this escort build is the best/most awesome," without AVERAGED DPS output over say at least 5-10 runs in a particular event (i.e. like ISE) along with a statement of position/strategy in use. For example, in CSE, if an escort is on Kang duty, they might very well have a lower overall DPS reading than another who has targets in sight for the majority of the match. In fact, if you, as an escort, come out with the top DPS reading overall whilst Kang-ing, (assuming there are other escorts there), well, you can be pretty sure their setups are not optimized.

There are however, caveats to this, the biggest being distance from your team-mates. I've noticed that the parser is grossly inaccurate outside 15KM keep that in mind before coming to the aforementioned conclusion.

Properly setup, Escorts in STFs with "decent" equipment, i.e. not talking purple MK XII tac consoles but rather MKXI blues, should at LEAST be hitting 4500 DPS regularly. Maybe not every match/round because !@#$ happens, (get blown up a lot, out of good firing position etc.) With a fully loaded escort, (all the goodies you can dream of), 8500-10000 DPS is well within the range of possibility.

Now, here is the link for the ACT, the DPS parser you are asking for:

You WILL need this script: <--- FOR PVE TAKE v.1071 NOT v.2010

P.S. If anyone wants some help in setting up their Escort, feel free to message me in game. I would be pleased to help where I can. I am NOT however, a PVP'er so please, don't ask me for PVP setup help. I optimize for STF, Fleet Events, and other PVE stuff.
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10-19-2012, 12:37 AM
This is needs to be redone as it is some what out dated and more detailed one is better.It also dpends on your owns skills.
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Wow, I didn't know this one was still going. GOOD! great info here.

As for the DHC question, STO is down right now so I can't post my full build but I run three DHC and a torp in the front. My power level seldom even drops below about 80% (I could be exaggerating a little.)

If I'm really lucky, today i plan on buying a fleet escort which will give me an extra engineering slot. I don't run a EPS at the moment but I might try one in that slot.

I was thinking of adding an engine boost but i'll try an EPS first. I've got a killer ship as it is even with some blue consoles in the tac slots.

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Originally Posted by verkion View Post
Yes, of course there are DPS meters.
Thank you very much for the links!

Didnt get to play around with the escort last night.(my klinks vo'quv is just waaay more fun imo)
But, i will get some escort fun in this afternoon after work. hopefully the parser is easy to setup/use.

then i wont have to guestimate how the weapons are working, ill have good #'s to sort through.

Thanks again
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No problem...let me give you a pointer as well: having the variety of weapons you indicate you have equipped in front, not so good. Torp + <other 3>, DBB + <other 3>, 4xDHC, much better choices. Now you have the DPS Meters, feel free to test this to your heart's content. I'll post what which configs I normally run in a few. The initial few posts aren't too far off actually...just a few modifications here and there.

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10-25-2012, 10:04 AM
Anyone got a good TACTICAL ESCORT fit ?
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Originally Posted by gersonius View Post
Anyone got a good TACTICAL ESCORT fit ?
First page of this thread, under Retrofit Defiant.

Standard build and should be fine for STFs.
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firefox messed up the download nevermind.. gonna try those dps meters this weekend and see whats up

Ok.. installed it... but i cant get it to parse anything. The plugin you linked is enabled... but where are the logs?


alrighty got them installed and running.

5 runs of khit in my setup - average of 7400 dps (doing same thing)

what do you suggest i swap out my torpedo boff abilities with when i switch to just dhc's? (both lieutenant torpedo spread II)??

Ok did some more testing.

10 Khitomer runs doing same thing (pop n kill cubes close to the small portal, then pop n kill far cubes and transformers. then settling in the probe path and taking down the gate and all the probes with my mines and aoe.)

only including runs that i did that. any that i was on sole probe duty i did not include in this. Havent gotten enough runs of that to do a 10 run average yet.

So far im averaging 7450 encdps with 6,520,000 total damage. (running 3 dhc 1 quan torp up front.. 2 tric mines and 1 turret in back)

My runs with 1 dbb 1 dhc 1dc and 1 quan torp up front are averaging 7500 dps with 6,600,000 dps...

Minimal changes between the 2. (probably because most of the damage seems to come from the torp spreads and the mines.)

ill post back when i have a better sample size to work with. still too small a pool for me to say either way.

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