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In some missions you get a reward based on how much damage you did. It's those end-of-mission "You got first place! Here, have a free purple quality item" things. STF missions are functionally the same way: Your team is rewarded for how FAST you can run the mission, not how well you stay alive.

And now we're hearing news that in Season 7's new fleet actions, players can earn different levels of dilithium based on their ranking, with "first place gold" earning twice the basic amount. How much you want to bet that is based on damage inflicted too?

My favorite ships to use are a energy-draining carrier and a healing Odyssey... Guess what my typical DPS output is relative to my tacscort team mates. Now guess what I think of mission rewards based solely on damage inflicted and speed of killing instead of useful things like "keeping allies alive" and "shutting down tough enemies".

If Cryptic wants everybody to fly Tactical captains in escort type ships, I wish they'd stop being passive-aggressive about it and just tell us.
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10-25-2012, 10:25 AM
SB24 is damage based but not all other fleet actions are.

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