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Yesterday, everyone's best friend in STO, Butts, made a post in the Game Bugs forum about a blatant error of one of the images on the Enterprise Mural on the Fleet Starbase. Due to the lack of responses/views, and the severity of the error. I felt it was appropriate to re-post the issue in a higher traffic forum to inform the public of the issue at hand, and hope that it gets corrected.

Originally Posted by cakeballs View Post
The image of the U.S.S. Enterprise-A in the Federation Starbase is incorrect. The nacelles and deflector should have their colors switched. This is incorrect and breaks the game's immersion.

A screenshot of the infringing image:

An image of the accurate U.S.S. Enterprise-A:

I hope that in the update of Season 7, a lot of these graphical errors will be fixed. I also have a complaint on the quality of the Enterprise-C. It is an obvious copy of the Memory Alpha image. Why not just use the actual image if CBS gives you the rights?
To me, the deflector looks more like the Enterprise-D's deflector, and it never looked like that through Star Trek 6 when the Enterprise-A was decommissioned. I'm kind of surprised that no one else noticed this oversight until now.

Also, the underside of the saucer never looked like that in the movies either.

I do apologize for re-posting this topic, but we just want this issue brought to the attention of the developers & public and hope that the oversight gets corrected shortly.

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