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10-26-2012, 02:57 AM
After reading the last blog entries I get a bad feeling about the "Green" future ...

The Romulan faction ( as faction like KDF or Federation ) is dead. Cryptic/PWE will not implement it. Best ( or worst depending on your point-of-view ) we will get is playable Romulan/Reman race as new side kicks and Romulan ships in the next lock box. They just want to avoid the **** storm for ignoring the result of th last poll yet.

Why lock box ?

The current development direction of "playable-Romulans" is only driven by best possible fast ROI with the smallest possilble development time to generate a big short-term income. Z-store is not part of this anymore. Lock boxes are a better ROI for Cryptic/PWE. I predict one high-class lock box ship ( like the Scimitar ) and multiple new ships in the Lobi store. I assume that building a complete new faction is not part of this because of the higher invest in time/money.

The "new" Romulan/Reman members are just building everything up, few resources, blah-blah-blah ...
Following the story in the dev blogs they can even use the argument that these Romulan ships have to be rare because of the current state of the new Romulan government. Joining KDF/Federation means they will use primarily ships from their new parent faction, not orignial Romulan designs. Or that the Lobi Consortium has "obtained" some Romulan ships from deserted navy bases / stolen / bought on black market / insert-spin-doctor-statement-of-the-day alternative.

Have to admit that this even makes sense. I do not like it, but it make sense if you follow the story line they are showing us now. Putting Romulan ship designs in the KDF/Federation fleet does not make any sense at all.

I find it annoying to hear that we can unlock new cutscenes while grinding up the Reputation system. Ressources for this are apparently available.

Really hope I am wrong with this and I misread every information / hint that is given in the dev blogs for season 7 ...

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