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# 1 Federation starbase suggestion
10-26-2012, 08:31 AM
I really like the idea of having several decks on the fed starbase. It makes the base feel like it has depth... literally. And most of what is going on with the base I love.

I have one major critique/suggestion. The ops deck doesn't really feel like an ops. The operations center of a starbase should feel like the nerve center. Right now the primary feel of ops is a recreation center or a lobby.

I know we have that area where the bank is that looks like an operations center, but the whole deck is ops. It would be nice to make the primary feeling of the whole deck to be what it is, ops.

I'm sure that would be alot of work, but I think it would effectively transform the interior feel of the base. For starts, maybe adding more consoles in the center of the room and a giant holographic display that hangs from the ceiling.

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