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10-26-2012, 01:50 PM
You would think all the Orion ships would mount dual cannons, they are modeled with them after all.

Only reason I would get the Fl Corsair is for cannons. Would give it a lot more punch compared to the Marauder.

Right now, my marauder can tank just fine and stop the PvE stuff dead in its tracks. 3x Disruptor 12s on the front with hargh'peng, 4x Disruptor 12s on the back.

Using the Advanced Orion Inceptors for the hangers. Which work out well enough. I've never seen anyone else using them, guess no one wants to shell out 1000C for a lower tier ship just for the hanger pets. Anyway, they have that power drain beam for engines and weapons. Kind of like a power siphon drone that can do moderate DPS and get anywhere on the map in just a few seconds.

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