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Lt. Commander
Join Date: Sep 2012
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Fleet MVAE

4x Phaser DHC's (CrtHx3 atm)

Omega x2 + Maco Shields (mk XII)

3x Phaser Turrets (CrtHx3)

Subspace Mod, Aux Battery

x2 Neutronium (Mk XII purp)

Assimilated Module, tachyokinetic converter, Field Generator (Mk XII purp)

5x Phaser consoles (purple, Mk XII)

DOffs (All purple):

2x Conn
1x Shield Distro
1x Energy Weaps (Chance to reduce Cannon ability recharge)
Either Gravimetric (For Grav Well) or Warp Core engineer. Can't decide between the two and atm can't afford another Distro or Energy weaps, which is what I"d prefer to take into PVP if I had them.

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