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10-26-2012, 11:04 PM
Originally Posted by leod198 View Post
So it is ~80 STFs and ~23 days of dilithium grinding for tier 5 and a set. Sounds reasonable.
Of course, that means a new character will need to skip straight to MK XII and will not be using MK X or MK XI along the way while you run STFs to get there.

Starter set?

The borg set now costs dilithium as well.

[Borg] Weapons? Those also cost dilithium.

So you'll be running those 80 STFs in whatever gear you got from Episodes - no [borg] weapons, no free omega item, no 5 EDC borg engine for fast travel around sectors. No 10 EDC (5 elite missions in the old system) for 2 piece borg set.

Or you could buy some of that a long the way but now the number of STFs and days of refining will increase.


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