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10-27-2012, 01:59 AM
New Romulus is visually stunning !!! The music, for the most part is all new, and ties in the area you are in and sets an appropriate mood.

The two cutscenes at the staging area were nicely done. Great foreshadowing

The missions queued and the RA's meshed easily while active. The site to site transporter link up mission wasnt stated in the text how vital it needs to be setup first so it can be used efficiently.

I cleared all the missions, New Romulus:* ,but when, Beginging of a New Future ,was queue I talked to everyone in the area and adjacent and did anything that triggered but couldnt get it to progress.

The doff mission giver didnt load the mission nor did the system say it failed or started.

The RA's can be done solo, once you know the lay on the land and whats needed.

Beast and Klingon Empire Rebel kill accolades started. Also found three of the exploration pt accolades (very nice).

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