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This post goes out to all those involved with decision making for Star Trek Online. I know that Daniel Stahl is the executive producer, and I know that Brandon Felczer is highly involved with the community, though I'm not aware of whether he is the man who makes the big content-driven decisions or whether that is Daniel Stahl ... or maybe someone else entirely.

Oddly enough, a specific part of this post would go out directly to Brandon Felczer because of his involvement in the question (I'll get to that in a minute). First things first though, I'm not going to go on a rant here, nor do I wish to complain about anything (I can do that elsewhere if I need too). What I am here for is a simple answer to a rather confusing situation, and I'd appreciate an answer that is honest, regardless of whether people are going to like it or not. I'd rather the question not be avoided, nor do I want to see an indirect answer.

Now to the matter in hand. Back on the 9th of September, specifically the Ask Cryptic September Posting (seen here: came with a poll. The poll asked us (the community) quite simply what we wanted most out of 2013.

The three highest percentage votes (namely; a Playable Romulan Faction, a better-playable Klingon Faction, and more Feature Episodes) are what is most wanted by the community, with the Playable Romulan Faction scoring a good 10 - 15% more than the other two.

And for the question? I know it isn't 2013 yet, but with season seven on our doorstep, and looking at what you've currently done with the Romulan Empire / Independent Romulan Factions; it seems highly unlikely that there would be a fully playable Romulan Faction to utilize at a later date. You've essentially split the Romulan (and Reman) apart from not just each other, but themselves too. There no longer is an Empire, and whatever powerful remnants were left have now become... isolated.

Why, when it is obvious that people want a Romulan Faction (that is fully playable) do you choose to instead pick the faction apart and split whatever you would have had between the two already existing factions?

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