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Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
Oh god I hope not, there is no reason it should be in a 3 pack...the 3 pack for the Oddy and Bort were special...the Vesta is just another ship on the line compared to them and I hope they keep it that way.

Besides we have the Armitage that is a Heavy Escort Carrier that by itself is already special enough (a Escort with a Hangar) and still manages to get a unique universal console, even the Regent comes with a unique weapon and a special console.

The Vesta ability to mount dual cannons is not that special, the Vo'quv can do it as well and its Carrier, the whole "cannons are OP" is because people fail to understand reason why the high damage is they are mounted on ships with +15 to Weapon Power as well having Commander Tactical Stations that allow then to use the higher end of Cannon Abilities, it comes from being ON those ships and not by the weapon itself as there is a DPS equality on all weapons, the differences come in abilities.

Also cannons are a liability on Science ships because cannons DONT work with Subsystem Target meaning all those 4 free abilities are pointless and also Science ships naturally lack the +15 to Weapon Power, even if they are run with 100 Weapon Power they will be not as effective as a ship with a bonus to Weapon Power.

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