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this thread should be a 1 stop shop for all your pvp questions. are cruisers seemingly now a joke? is this escorts online? are sci ships completely underpowered and worthless?

first of all, anyone who would make any of these claims is wrong, and is no one you should listen to or get any advice from. all 3 of these ships types have their primary roles, and in a proper team all 3 are invaluable. this is a game, its not a strict adaptation of canon, so you have to focus on what works in game, not what worked in the show.

second of all, no one is cheating or hacking, they really are just that much better at it then you. but thats the reason for this thread, to level the playing field so you can properly compete and have fun. because theres nothing in STO more fun then the space PVP, you will look at the pve you have enjoyed for so long very differently after you truly get the hang of pvp.

Thread Table of Contents

general wisdom and information

mav's cruiser wisdom

mav's sci ship wisdom

Arranging your ability tray

useful links

Key binding

station power acronyms in long form

my complete post buff AtB findings

basic cruiser build to get used to a pvp environment in

ACT log parser

originally tier 2 and 3 fleet ship shield mod analysis

Renim's resistance viewer tool

Renim's DPS widget

AtB with tech doffs, completely explained by redricky

the math behind stealth

Advanced strategies and tactics

ships and captain types

effective use of key binding and tray setup

The Jorf Guide to Not Being Terrible at Premade PvP

science ship anti-escort tactics

proper scimitar use

cheap and easy builds for getting started

basic ship build walk through

cookie cutter tac captain skill tree

useful cruiser skill tree examples

useful sci ship skill tree examples

more advanced builds, expensive to create

if theres a topic you have a question on, and you don't see anything addressing it, feel free to ask about it.
gateway links-->Norvo Tigan, Telis Latto Ruwon, Sochie Heim, Solana Soleus

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