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10-28-2012, 09:17 AM
Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
I just had a 4v4 (3 plus 1 minutes from queuing to the actual match). Unfortunately, some brilliant guys from a certain fleet had the bright idea to queue in the queues as a lockbox ship premade, resulting in a very boring slaughter without any point.

This is, to me, a rather atypical experience. Normally, PUG vs PUG is quite enjoyable. If only this "queue the team" feature was disabled. Everybody knows that even moderate teams are OP to PUGS in every way.

No one who queues as a premade team should complain about the queues, really.

Edit: To make this perfectly clear: Your statement "truly interested in winning" would happen more often to you if people saw any point in trying. This problem is yours, not one of the queues.
Yes, players that have worked on developing team skills over the years of playing STO and honed their builds to work well with the rest of their team are the ones to blame for STO's pvp numbers. The same players that have been trying to get new players in and educate them to become better pvp'ers, allowed them to run with them on their teams to show them the nuances of pvp from a team perspective, the ones who actually took pvp in this game seriously even though STO never really has... We're the ones that ruined pvp...

Your arrogance really has no limits sophie. Even with your loathing of this community, we've bent over backwards to try to help you to become a better player (i.e. tac carrier thread). You continue to come in here and insult us and say we're the reason pvp is dead when we've put more time into trying to make pvp better than cryptic ever has. Why don't you just go back to your kirk section of the forums and quit coming in here to troll and insult us?

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