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10-28-2012, 10:42 AM
It finally hit me. I have railed against the skill tree and its effects on science abilities from the time it was first announced and now it is clear to me.

There was a time, long ago that some of you may remember, when there was no 'Energy Weapon' skill but instead a 'phaser, disruptor, etc' skills before the revamp and F2P launch. But cryptic made a very wise decision and decided that it was silly to force a player to spend skill points on a specific weapon type. They wanted players to be able to use whichever weapon type they wanted! That was a very good decision and now we have what we have.

Back then though the science skills were much different. You see each (sci) boff ability was effected by a total of 3 different skills placed at various parts of the skill tree. This lead to not really needing/wanting to min/max for the boff abilities you would use and you typically had a fair amount of skill bonus to most abilities naturally. Kind of like how weapon skills are now actually.

Cryptic, why! I mean, you understood why a player would not want to waste a fair amount of skill points for anti-proton weapon skill when they may not ever use an AP weapon then why do you expect someone to do the same with say subspace decompiler?

And even better is now the new 'plasma weapon' skill is 'particle generators' although that is a positive I guess.

-Signed, a player who refuses to respec his toons to fly a Sci effectively.

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