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# 1 Attn Devs - PWE Marketing
10-29-2012, 08:00 AM
This forum depicts multiple posts of dissatisfaction with your product.

This dissatisfaction has led to the notion of players leaving this game for others. Guild Wars and Mech Warrior appear to be the next destination for most PvP players.

Your forum post in reference to having a poll on "Which of these features would you like to see most in 2013?"

Found here:

Depicts 8% of your players making demands for change to PvP.

Other results
More Feature Episodes 619 16.95%
- Exclusive to STO, retention on this is high.

More KDF Content 696 19.06%
- Unless I am mistaken, guild wars and mechwarriors do not feature Klingons so this is also in high retention due to it's exclusive nature.

More Fleet Missions / STFs 269 7.37%
- Again STFs involving bad guys from star trek is also an exclusive feature and retention is high.

More Foundry Improvements 63 1.73%
- Not even worth investing according to these votes, retention on this is also exclusive because other games do not feature a good foundry such as STO.

More Rare Ships 97 2.66%
- We have enough box ships thanks. Also a high consumer retention area.

Playable Romulans 1,117 30.59%
- Exclusive race to the Star Trek universe, and very high in retention for people to stick around for since you said they will be playable.

Improve Duty Officer System 73 2.00%
- Near perfect it seems, but seems very simplistic and exclusive to this game. Again you won't have trouble retaining these consumers either.

Improve Crafting 115 3.15%
- Star bases sort of address this to a degree with their unique equipment. So once again retention is high.

Improve Exploration 295 8.08%
- I saw the new sector block. So, I think this has been addressed and you won't have to worry about the 8% that participated in this portion of your poll.

Improve PVP 307 8.41%
- This however is in direct contention with other MMOS that offer a more stable if not renewed form of PvP that people are demanding. This item is 3rd on the list since the new sector block is already on the tribble server. Also, this is the only item you cannot make assurances of retaining due to the fact it is not exclusive to STO.

Voters: 3651

Cryptic/Perfect World Entertainment, you are about to lose maybe a minimum of 5% in revenue to Mech Warrior and Guild Wars for this quarter due to lack of PvP in your MMO. It's silly, at the same time very simple to address this source of revenue in your game.

I think I can say from a personal perspective to strongly implore you to make changes sooner than the current proposals you have made for PvP in your MMO.

The least you can do is invest time into fixing and balancing. This truly isn't as big as an effort to creating a New Home World for Romulans.

Thank you

-PaxOttomana of Turkish RP Heroes.

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