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10-29-2012, 12:53 PM
Originally Posted by naz4 View Post
I wonder if there is a fix for the warp plasma / theta radiation that visually disappears. Is it just me that it effects?

I am currently running DirectX 11 path on an AMD 7970 all settings maxed out. This definately affects pvp for people as at times the only way of telling why you have stopped moving is the icon on your hud.
Naz, Its been around since I've been playing (season3'ish) but probably since day 1 like mai said.

Its a bug in the engine. It happens on both PC's both with different hardware, like you said you've got an AMD, I got a Nvidia GTX 670 and it happens there as well. Its another simple case of screwing up ESD and Weapon Effects to cartoon style, and leave all more important aspects like crucial bugs untouched. *sigh* why do i hate this company.

I already tried to find a fix with all kinds of Graphics settings even hidden ones via the chat, non of it works. It will never be fixed.

Same bs on my older ATI 6750. Same on my laptop 330M GT (Nvidia)

So... It simply will never get fixed.

Oh and i switched back to DX9 since DX11 gives all kind of buggy black parts and disappearing textures on ships and stuff, and some benchmarking i did yesterday, with my current settings 8x AA + Transparency Supersampling AA x8 and Dynamic lights etc all on, the benchmarked actually showed the Minimum and Average FPS on DX9 is higher (In PvP areas and other areas with loads of reticles and spam)

Only the max FPS ever reached was higher but the minimum and average are much more important.

Weird huh.

Back to the disappearing visual effects, after all this years I have found one way of replicating the problem a bit, its with the NWS and specifically when fighting the Gorn + warp poo, the reticles of the Bio's disappear even when they are well within visual range. I have a distinct feeling they are related to each other.

I doubt it will ever be fixed though. Its even more annoying when it happens to your weapon bolts/beams.

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