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Or at least it makes the game incredibly monochromatic.

The biggest problem I have with this game (Besides everything being off scale) is that everything has too much of one colour. Federation areas are too blue, Klingon environments are too red, the Borg have way too much gray, and the new Romulan Zone has too much Cyan. Simply put, this game needs a much more variable colour pallet.

In the series, Federation ships had much warmer interiors with Gray, Tan, and Off-White walls with orange, gray or red carpeting. Federation areas in game (the starbases in particular) seem far too cold, professional and uninviting. You would think that the Federation with its message of "Welcome Everyone" (and now, with its desperate need of allies) they would make all but the pure warships as inviting as possible.

And the Borg are supposed to be scary! Gray is not scary. We need more black, more leather, more fog, more garish orange accent lights. The Borg aren't really scary because they don't look scary. The Borg environments should look like "What Lies Beneath" with more green and fog.

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