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10-29-2012, 03:26 PM
Yeh as a sci who uses repulsers a LO this drives me up the wall. TBR is NOT cruise control for cool.

Thats my pet hate with it. You see people using them willy nilly, bassiclly smaking them every time they're in range regardless if there's a good reason for it.

Best one.

In a 20 Man fleet. Group warps in near freight, i drop GW and then 2 HY Plasma torps down their throat. If you've ever seen this you know what a mess it will make of the group. The escorts where hitting CSV, cruisers FAW'ng. Thie this utter moran in another ship comes in and TBR's them all all over the place, everyones AoE was ruined, (they where outside of 10K for most people). Made the resultant fight far harder and when i got him on PM and told him to pack it in his reply was to call me a cluless newb and say to leave him alone if we wanted max FM's.

The real issue is the design of phase 3 and 4 of the 20 man itself. TBR is a requierment to doing well there, there are no alternatives. And thats the catch. People bring it because you need it there, but then get it into their head it's ok to use it everywhere.
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10-29-2012, 06:17 PM
Doesn't help that the new 1000-day ships can pack it, given the guys who charge in guns blazing in their fancy escort thing and picked up TBR2 because it does the most damage for a sci skill. Maybe if they took the damage out of TBR, or just nerfed it to be have only enough punch to use against small craft and torps. And this said as someone who uses it to pound the heck out of cubes all the time, let alone the CC abilities. But maybe if it was JUST a tool and didn't do much as a weapon, the stupid people that try and use it as some kind of shotgun and go back to Jam Sensors and such. I'd be willing to give up the damage-dealing ability if it meant stupid people would stop taking it and using it badly. In the right hands its wonderful, but for people who don't think beyond their own DPS....ugh.
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10-29-2012, 08:29 PM
It's not DPS'rs who are te real issue. it's idiot sci drivers who somehow thing TBR'ing everything all over the place all the time makes things easier.

They get the idea from Phase 3 and 4 of the new fleet action, (those pahses are unwinabble without it), and apply it everywhere.
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11-14-2012, 08:21 PM
Originally Posted by xapocalypseponyx View Post
Wish I could say the same. It's just one idiot after another. Just got out of a great match of KASE, in which Mr. "OMGZORS! I can push things!!!!11eleventy" Pushed Donatra around for 20 minutes. Dead serious.

As stated earlier, I shut them engines down and watched the fun. Every time the group would get around her, whoosh away she went. All that it needed was some classic Benny Hill music and it would have made a great Youtube video.
someone make a youtube video of that! it in a pvp match or something if possible,i really want to see that.
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Originally Posted by carl103 View Post
It's not DPS'rs who are te real issue. it's idiot sci drivers who somehow thing TBR'ing everything all over the place all the time makes things easier.
Grav wells on the otherhand are like a dream come true for an escort with CSV. All those spheres and probes nicely together, ready to be hit by cannon scatter volley death.

Seriously sci guys, use grav wells, your team will LOOOVVEEE you for it.
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Well here is the deal in my sci support-a-scort. Yes I do have TBR and it only gets used to save my bacon, the optional, or minor DPS vs structures when no NPCs are around. Oh and it is handy for swatting down HY plasma torps that aren't even on screen vs cubes. But I only use it at the last possible moment or when no one is near me. And yes you may hate that aspect if I fug it up once or twice but...

I'm also packing a gravity well with chrono torps and torp spread, along with CSV and an attack pattern beta 3 to use when possible. So with luck for every time I fug up my TBR twice I have grouped up all the enemies, reduced their bonus defense to nothing, and pushed their hull resist pretty far into the negatives for ya
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11-15-2012, 07:07 AM
This is so true. Tractor beam repulsers... so many who have them, so few who know where and when to use them.

They are in fact very helpful even in STFs if - and only if - the player using them knows what he's doing. I was saved more than once from spheres who decided to blow up right next to me. And more than once the optional in Infected Elite was saved even though somebody had blown up his generator much too early. And if another guy tries to be a hero by blowing up a cube in cure elite all by himself even though every other player tells him to stop. Then TBRs are quite handy to PUSH BACK the incoming borg fleets.

But most of the time - unfortunetly - TBRs are used to do the stupiest things.
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11-16-2012, 03:11 AM
TBR is probably the most useful utility ability in STO. It isn't just for pushing things away from other things.

It provides decent damage against immovable objects like cubes gates and transformers.

It takes care of incoming mines, fighters and torpedoes.

When time needs to be bought it buys far more then a gravity well or a tractor beam does.

It allows you to divide and conquer in PVP.

It saves you from a ship going critical when evasive and brace are on cool down and coupled with evasive and emergency power to engines it allows you to hold back probes on both sides of KA at once.

I use TBRs a lot, especially in pugs. I have saved many days and pulled back many ops from the brink of failure, in part due to TBRs. But I doubt most of the pugs I have helped remember the hundreds of times I have used TBRs FTW. I am sure they remember the one or two times server lag or destraction by my wife caused me to screw up though.

So on behalf of those of us who use TBRs well. I would like to ask the rest of you to please shut your faces. We don't need your put downs. When TBRs go wrong they go horribly wrong, we know. Some people use TBRs in such a way as to give the rest of us a bad name, we know this too. One mistake with TBRs in a match isn't reason to go mental on some one. You don't know why that mistake was made, or if that TBR user uses there TBRs responsibly 99% of the time.

If you must blame some one for wasting your abilities blame yourself for signing up for a PUG. You knew the kinds of people you might be joined with when you clicked that button. You took that risk. You are the reason you are in the fail group with the fail TBR user. So go moan at yourself.

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The players who can use and know how to use it in a beneficial way should be aplauded as they are a useful member of any group, its just that there are a lot of players who are not, an example from 2 weeks ago

ISE - the player in question goes behind the nanites coming at us as we had started pounding the transformer after doing the 10% rule and he repulses them straight at us costing us the optional, no ryme nor reason for it.... or the idiots who can see the massive cloud of Warp plasma and just before they get to it repulses them away.
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11-16-2012, 04:14 AM
My personal favourite is in CSE when the Negh'vars wave pops out of the last cube - I activate GW1 and then CSV3 & Sensor Scan, 2 seconds later I activate TS3. At that very same moment there is someone who shoves the Negs out of range. Priceless. And I'm like "Well, it happens".

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