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10-30-2012, 05:13 AM
Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
ok so im sure by now that everyone has seen the passives on tribble. well 2 passives that stick out. the dem passive and the passive that will give you jams that cant be broken and can be speced. i was told you can get a free jam of 10 secs. even if this is not true even a 3-6 sec jam is way too op. non of this is even needed in pve. so i have to ask, why sub doffs, dem passive and jam passive? are they trying to make all the pvp'ers in this game leave? or is it to bring more pvp'er into it? if its to bring in new blood this is wrong way to do it. im sure you will make alot of people leave. if team a cant see team b and team b cant see team a then what is the point? the dem passive is a 2.5 chance with 100% sheild pen. the jam is a 20% chance that can be boosted.

"Putting points into the Neural Neutralizer Duty Officer power will now properly increase the duration of the Placate."

can the jam please be broken using damage? hate to see the kdf or the fed version of the kdf space set get placae plus the passive placae proc. then the dem passive comes in......we know every class will pick these 2 passives. but what about carrier pets? will these passives/procs apply to them as well?
Do you really think PvP'ers have an effect on Cryptic's bottom line? They're a company. They have no morals. Their goal is to make money as efficiently as possible.

Now, is that through PvE or PvP?

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