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# 1 Ferasan Warmonger Vessel......
10-30-2012, 05:45 AM
Faction: KDF
Species: Ferasan
Rank: Lt. Gen.
Type: Warmonger Vessel
Name: Car'acal

The Ferasan's have been insisting upon the Council to let them intergrate their technology into the Empire.
Several Months Passed with no movement, no word...until now! The Car'acal has been forged to be a warfighting ship imbued with the scientific knowhow and tenacity of the Ferasan race,
Now at last the Ferasans can impose their ferocity upon the Federation and other Enemies of the Empire! Qapla'

Wpn Slots:
Fore: 4 (comes with base: 2x Mk X Disruptor Cannon, 1x Dual Disruptor Beam Bank Mk X and 1x Photon Torpedo Launcher Mk X
Aft: 3 (comes with base: 3x Disruptor Beam Array Mk X)
Device Slots: 2
NEW!! Auxillary Slot: 1 (can equip any item, be it, weapons, fighters or devices) (enables a 360 degree arc for any weapon equipped, but Fighters have a timer)

Boff layout:
Cmdr. Tac
Lt. Eng
Lt. Sci
Lt.Cmdr. Uni
Ens. Uni

Hull: 33200
shields: 7,431 (Mk X)
Shield Modifier:1
Crew: 1,500
Turn Rate: 6.0
Impulse Modifier: 0.15
Inertia Rating: 26
Bonus Powers: +10 to Stealth, +10 to Weapons Power

Modes: sector - (also same as stalker shroud) a dark crystalline plating engulfs the ship
Hunter - the Stalker shroud (CP) Recedes and reveals the armour plating beneath, the fractal gun emplacements lower and become a moving part, the tactical bulkhead protrudes from with the hull

The Car'acal comes with a 4 Piece Set (could be a Lobi Store set for 3 of the items)

1: Fractal Pulse Gun (AP) - a new KDF weapon device that can be placed into a device slot (only device that cannot go into aux slot) an AP Gun that has a Pulsing effect, Critical Damage output that akin to the Guramba, also a 2 min cooldown.

2: Nexus Module (Sci) - a device that when activated creates a large nexus 3km to the front of your vessel causing all En. vessels weapons systems to malfunction and target the Nexus, giving you a 15sec gap, a dampening effect is applied to all energy weapons passing through that arc.

3.Positron Field Array (Sci) - when activated it has a chance of nullifying all torpedo attacks and adds a shockwave effect to the Fractal Gun with a small chance of disabling target shields.

4:Stalker Field Emitter (Tac) - allows the Car'acal to shroud itself in an anti-targeting signature, whilst emitting a a pulse wave of frequencies that switch of enemy engines leaving them like wounded prey. (you cannot target whilst this is activated niether can En.
once deactivated a =10 boost to weapon power is available for 5 secs) 1 min cooldown.

2 Piece Power: Permanent Boost to Shield Power and crew recovery rate.

4 piece Power: The Nexus Size is Doubled to 7km in diameter and on top of normal effects causes damage to all ships including players.

this is just an idea ive had, ive tried sketching some looks for this and will get them uploaded as soon as ican scan them,

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