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Is there a known bug with getting the 700 day reward from an LTS?

I've had an LTS since December last year (subscribed since Jan 11) and, as I understand, should now be able to claim all veteran rewards. I've got one toon with a Pegh'qu destroyer, so that's working.

But... when I take my main KDF toon to the vendor on Qo'nos, I am unable to claim the Android boff. It lists a cost of 1 x Starfleet merit and I get a message saying I have no room - even with 2 vacant Boff slots.

Not a gamebreaker, but annoying - anyone else find this?


Well now I'm completely thrown. One of my 3 KDF toons *could* claim the Android, but it's now stuck on that toon. Is it supposed to be 1 per account?

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