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10-30-2012, 08:31 PM
Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
What is/was your BOff build, if you don't mind me asking?
Guess it doesn't matter at all now.

Tac - FaW1, HY2 (was moving this to Om1), BO3 (I detest having a FoTM like TT1 and fully expect the Cryptic NERF bat to be swung at that 1, fast)
Com Eng - ET1, RSP1, EjectWP1, APSI3
Lt Eng - EptS1 and 2
En Eng - ET1
Sci - ST1, TSS2

Doffs - 2 Purple SDO, 3 Purple DCE


Defence - 60
Starship Shield Systems - 122 (unbuffed)
" " Emitters - 114
Power Transfer Rate - 274%
Hull - 50,110
Shields - 11,794
Resists - Kin 30
P,D,P,T Resists - 45.3 (unbuffed)
P/AP - 36.2
Attack - 3.4 - 59.1

All weapons Mk XII ACCX3 Purples ( torps Mk 11 ACCX3 )

I macroed EpTS 1,2 (on all the time) along with TSS2, and APSI3, flying a Tac with ALL the built in resists and 2% DPS adds (1st toon in pre-launch)

There is just no way to stand up against the 5 tac consoles, 4 Mk12 DHCs, with all the tac alpha buffs. It can stand a few passes but it's just a process of "wear you down" while putting me in defensive/healing mode. And then, the bug is just looking for that large crit to change the tide and it will eventualy get it. The fact that the bug can get more hull resists (as they do not need the PT console) doesn't seem to help at all for any assemblance of balance. I tested against the bug simply because it's the most OP ship in the game and instead of it being outclassed with the fleet ships, they added to it to still make it the best and the brightest. If Cryptic Development would of actualy added to the excel, (I paid for that also just the same as bug owners), I might not be downloading RIFT right now. (at least it will have housing in it next month and it's NOT F2P-P2W.) If anything STO has taught me, I have a very large dislike for DPS in a store while devs NERF healing/tanking so that paid for DPS looks even more attactive. So, moth balls for my toons.

Crusiers, and the excel, have just been outclassed and NERFed into oblivian with the possible exception of the P2L Oddy and then only as a heal-boat with no DPS to speak of and playing nothing more than a support prof for the 1 who does throw the P2W DPS.

Any1 who wants the excel, my best advise is to pass and save the money, Get ahold of a bug or at the least the fleet Patrol Escort with a Mk12 purple turn console to even the score with the bug, somewhat. Both of them are viable in this version of P2W STO, crusiers, and sad to say the excel, are not.

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