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Ok, I know it's not thanksgiving yet. (Or is it? I couldn't care less)

As a forum veteran, I'd like to say a few words about the current state of the PvP forum. Those who have been here as long as me may need a reminder, and those who have come later need to know how lucky we are. Think back to the earlier days of PvP forum....

What happened if we posted a rant at the forum? It got closed!
What happened if we mentioned the EP in negative words? We got an infraction!
What happened if we asked what rule we had broken? We got banned!
What happened if we wrote a thread trying to enlighten the devs on a broken part of the game? We got banned!
What happened if we politely brought attention to an imbalance? Nothing!
How often did a dev ask for player advice? Never!
How often did a dev explain his reasons in the forum? Never!

Compare this to what we have today! Today we have one or more devs following the PvP forum. We're being take seriously! We're being shown respect! Our advice is actually taken into consideration! Changes are made to the game based on OUR advice!

Just a year or two ago, this would have been unheard of! For a while we even had an open forum-war with the community representative, leading to basically all the veteran pvp'ers being banned!

So in light of this, I ask you all: Treat Borticus (and the other devs) with respect! He is not obliged to discuss the game with us! He is not obliged to follow our advice! It is not his job to push his colleagues into making pvp better! --- He does this because he's a nice person! He does it because he values our opinion. He does this because he believes in the PvPers as a means to make STO better. Let's not disappoint him, or give him reason to cut us off!

Sure, sometimes he does things that we don't like. That, however, is not a reason to be rude or impolite. We do not see the whole picture, and we should not presume to know what happens internally at Cryptic Studios. Often, the reason why things happen the way they do are unknown to us.

To sum it up: These days, we, the PvP community, are treated with respect. We are not enitled to this, we sure have not earned it. This is a gift to us, and we better start treating it that way. Whatever resentment we have towards the general course of the game, the devs who come here and read what we write, and try to answer us, deserve our respect!

So today, my thanks go to Borticus and the other devs who spend time in this section of the forum, listening to our complaints and replying to them!

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