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# 1 The Fifth Fleet
10-31-2012, 06:16 AM
The Federation was founded on the principles of courage, equality and fairness. And for well over 200 years, The Fifth Fleet has been instrumental in presenting these ideals to the world ? through the selfless service of upstanding men and women; through their responsible use of incredibly powerful capabilities; and through the pride, purpose and professionalism that comes through in all they do.

Here, learn what it means to be part of Starfleet. A Universal Force For Good. Get a sense of The Fifth Fleet's ongoing mission, history and traditions. Train to become one of Starfleet's best leaders, learn lessons in leadership. Plus, check out the many locations around the Alpha and Beta Quadrants where The Fifth Fleet does its work ? and the types of awesome equipment that are employed to get the job done.

Through hard work and determination, laughs and fights, historical accomplishments that you make during your service, and the friendship and trust we share, you?ll find a clear demonstration of who and what The Fifth Fleet is ? and beyond that ? why its presence is so important.

Join the Fifth Fleet Today.
Make History.

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