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10-31-2012, 10:13 AM
I deleted my credit card information from my STO account long ago and Cryptic / PWE will not be seeing a penny more from me until they either put serious effort into making PvP better, or finish the Klingon faction.

Instead, I'm about to spend the equivalent of an STO lifetime subscription cost on this game - - a game that hasn't even entered alpha testing yet, let alone beta testing and which is not expected to be released for two years. Why? Because I trust the head honcho there (Chris Roberts of Wing Commander fame) and that trust (based on his past record and enthusiasm) mean I'm willing to spend a chunk of money before the game is anywhere near complete.

See the difference Cryptic? Earn the trust of your players and we will support you c**p on us and you'll not see a penny more out of us.
The user formerly known as DogsBody.
Here before PWE (and hopefully) here long after PWE is gone.

What this game needs is PvP, NOT PWE.

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