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The videos:

Where quite a few have been before, part 1

Where quite a few have been before, part 2

A duology in three parts

Too long, didn't watch summary:

- Galorndon Core is flat broken with the Gekli AI getting stuck on multiple occasions. Needs revisiting.

- Concerned that several of the patrols are essentially the same '5 wave' mission with different bookends. While there are random elements and differing bookends(such as having the Enterprise-F turn up to help) they don't distract from the fairly blatant copy/paste nature of the missions. Extra elements such as freighter escort might help here.

- Jouret system: why tune the same comm array (two elements, same satellite) twice? Needless repetition, even if it is a nice reuse of the scanner minigame. Briefing could also be clearer on that point, I initially looked around for a second comm array before realising that, no, I had to tune the one comsat twice.

Beta Lankal: Old Iconian world (dun, dun, dun....)? Response from Tholian reinforcements needs to be a bit snappier if you mess up the transport, cause and effect are sometimes a little disconnected by the delay. Also noted that the relics all appear to have the same solution in a given run of the mission but that could have been random chance. Liked the touch with the timers though.

- Mute option for the subcommander. It's nice to have voice acting (although some of it feels a little placeholdery [is that even a word?] with spoken lines not matching the script) but I suspect it might grate a little in six months.
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