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I look at this game and I only play it because its the only star trek mmo out there right now. Its far from perfect, but I have seen worse. It atleast has some substance that people can use. My issue is its only surviving. What I mean by that is how do they expect to get or keep new players if they want people to pay 30 bucks a ship, just to compete. Call me crazy but I would wager most players after finding that little tibit out would probably quit, unless they were star trek fans.

So I came up with a thought well playing my max level klingon. Why not release these ships except for the exotics to the entire player base if they are subscribed. By exotics I mean ships like vulcan, or the NX enterprise. Now before everyone has a heart attack hear me out. You release the ships with there bridges, but not with there prop consoles. The truth is most people are buying these ships for there consoles. Also lowing the price for cstore items by half for those who are subscribed. This includes lifetime subs. This way your giving everyone a shot at the new content, and most importantly hope. Right now if I was not a star trek fan I wouldnt be coming back every so often.

If the lowering the price in half is too much atleast do the first half. Give them them the ship with all its items, except for the special consoles. I look at this game as a mmo player, its like holy cow they made a game for the rich only. I dont know what you think is going on outside your home, but people are having money problems. Dont try to tell me its that persons fault, or ill write a whole dang page on reality starting with the increase in cost of RL food. So devs please consider my words, because right now this game offers 0 hope for a new player, on a tight money budget.

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