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# 1 The Welles Bridge feedback
11-01-2012, 01:04 PM
So a couple weeks ago I got the Welles class Temporal Lockbox ship, and after some time playing with it, and enjoying the bridge, I wanted to give some feedback, in the hopes that the Devs responsible for Interiors would see this.

First and foremost, I want to give kudos on a job well done! The bridge is very nice, and probably my second favorite bridge in the game, after the TOS bridge. Below I will list out the pros and cons as I see them.


1. Scaling - I feel the scaling on this bridge is the best of any bridge to date. I would love to see all bridges scaled like this. Superb job on the size and giving the feel of being on a starship, rather than Yankee Stadium.

2. Graphics - This bridge is a thing of beauty. The coloring is bright, and unique, the consoles are crisp and clear.

3. Lack of Interior - At first, I wasn't too keen on this. But then it hit me, without an interior, I don't have all those crewman milling about with weird uniforms on that would be out of place on my ship. I actually like this, and would like to see this feature on ALL bridges, which leads me to my next point...

4. Duty Officer Station - I LOVE THIS FEATURE!!!! LOVE IT!!! The ability to stand at one station and conduct all my Duty Officer assignments is very convienent for me, and it's also quite believeable from an RP standpoint. As Captain of a starship, I don't really have time to tour the entire vessel each time I need my crew to do something, so having the system in place to make assignments from the bridge, is in my opinion, the greatest feature of this bridge.

5. Crew Stations - I like that the bridge isn't full of unused stations, and has a minimal bridge crew. It makes the bridge feel more realistic to me. And there are still some empty seats for use, and some empty consoles for use as well. Nice!


1. Lack of Ready Room - I do miss having the Ready Room. Granted, there may not have been one on the canon ship, but I do miss it. If I had a Ready Room as well as the Duty Officer station, on every ship I fly, I'd never need to go anywhere else in my ships, and I'd be fine with that!

2. Can not be used with other ships - This particular con, also impacts the Odyssey. I would love to use this bridge on other ships, specifically for the reasons listed in the Pros section, but can not for whatever reason. I really wish they would remove this restriction, or consider making all bridges like this one, with features that allow you to remain on the bridge, and not have to hike the entire interior of your ship to get things done.

3. Crew Stations - While I understand the need for the one officer who gives access to your shuttles to be in that one location, it would be nice if we could choose who mans the rest of the stations, even if it was a simple ENG-TAC-SCI interface that randomly chooses one of your Bridge Officers of that particular department to man the station.

4. Turbolift - Now, I know that with no interior hooked up to this ship, there technically isn't a need for one, but I miss having it, and often times when I "Leave Ship Interior" on other vessels, I step into the turbolift to account for the whole beam out thing. I know, silly RP stuff, but having a turbolift, with doors that open, but do not lead anywhere, would be a nice touch from an RP standpoint. Perhaps it could even be designated as the "beam in" location for when you arrive on the bridge, as well as the location for when your guests are beamed in.


I would really like to see some additional bridges brought to the C-Store which follow the methodolgy of the Welles Bridge. Essentially, a bridge, with no interior hooked up, that allows you to do everything you need to do, right from the bridge. Scaled nicely, with nice graphics and a Ready Room for access to the account bank and setting up trophies.

Additionally, on older bridges, I'd like to see the Duty Officer console retroactively added to the bridge. The Duty Officers could still be posted around the interior, for those who enjoy a good stroll, but an alternate interface could be added to the bridge for those who like the convience and realism of having a station to assign these duty officers from one location. Perhaps accesible via the Captain's Chair?

Thank you for your time!
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