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# 121
11-01-2012, 12:07 PM
Once I figured out the naming scheme and numbering system of the game, I ran with Angel names/ranks. Right now I am running Odyssey Operations; U.S.S. Seraphim N.C.C 92662-F. All the lower ships have the same number (reference to the bible (Isaiah (26th book) chapter 6 verse two)) but are named with lower angel ranking systems, both in English and in Hebrew. Lame if you aren't into it, but as a Pastor I kinda find it fun.
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# 122 Ship Names
11-01-2012, 12:26 PM
Well, my first ship was the USS Expedition, because I really liked that for a starship name,
and my current one ((just got promoted to Lieutenant Commander a few days ago...)) is the U.S.S Medina.
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# 123
11-01-2012, 01:01 PM
I name my defiant class escort U.S.S. Hubris

Get it? Defiant, defiance, hubris? Not yet? See, the ultimate defiance is hubris, wouldn't it?

My timeship destroyer is named I.S.S Sherman in memory of the DS9 crew who travelled back in time in 2373.

My other toons' ship are named randomly until I reach level 50 and pick a final ship, then I'll ponder on a name.
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# 124
11-01-2012, 06:04 PM

This has been a great thread!

I have the following ships:

U.S.S. SERENITY - A Constitution Class Starship that I purchased. She is named in memory of my mother.

U.S.S. SERENDIPITY - A Constitution Class starship retrofitted to into an Exeter class starship. Being a hopeless romantic I named her with my wife in mind.

U.S.S. PRIME - A MIRROR Star Crusier (soverign) I obtained through the now discontinued Tholian lock box. This ship was actually named after a 1980's icon - Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots. I also gave this ship an NX registry for reasons that pertain to my characters background story, etc... The name has been used on two other ships which I have since discharged as I was not fond of them. This is my flagship for the foreseeable future. If anyone could tell me how to get the I.S.S. Prefix I would be most appreciative!

U.S.S. GRIMM - I also receive TWO MIRROR Assault cruisers and unpacted only one of them. The name was assigned by cryptic and I have not used the ship at all really. I am not sure if I am going to keep it or not. The other boxed ship is up for grabs if anyone wants it! Just make me an offer!

I have tried various other ships given to me with each new tier but I have since discharged them all. They were:

U.S.S. POS - a crappy shuttle craft that I had to use for a mission. The name speaks for itself.

U.S.S. OSLO - A promethius class starship I never bothered to change its name and after two missions I discharged it. Blastphemy to some, I know, but I found it generally underwhelming and prefer the look to the original ST cruisers.

I also had a variant of the Galaxy class ship and a Tactical Escort... Both discharged. The original ship that comes with sign up never stood a chance as I bought the original TOS ship (Serenity) almost immediately. Again, I know, why throw away ships...

I may try a Defiant class starship in future but to be honest I would love to see cryptic make it so that you could eventually purchase additional slots for your existing starships. I make the PRIME more tactical oriented and give it more weapon slots... My character may have turned over a new leaf but it doesnt mean he has stopped sleeping with a phaser under his pillow!
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# 125
12-07-2012, 02:02 PM
My main ship is named Geddy Lee after the bass player from Rush. I've been a fan since 1975.
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# 126
12-07-2012, 02:26 PM
With my Reina Harit Beaumont character, my current ship is named the USS Starsteel, a mix and match of two Transformer's names - Starscream and Steelshot. Her next, and likely final ship, will be called the USS Shore, a heavy escort carrier with the Akira class appearance.

My Karen Linla Beaumont character's ship is called the USS Medsworn, onto the third version now. It's named as such because in the Beaumont series I've been writing since 1998, Karen is very interested in the Medical sciences.
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# 127
12-09-2012, 11:15 PM
U.S.S. Hoshi no Tobira

Translated it is roughly "Door to the Stars", fitting, for a starship.
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# 128
12-09-2012, 11:33 PM
I name most of my ships after famous fighting ships of the past, mostly WWII. There are a couple that are named for trek ships.

For my tac officer:
Galaxy-X USS Hornet
Odysee USS Yamato
Soveriegn USS Bismarck
Intrepid refit USS Guam
Prometheus MVAE USS North Carolina
Excelsior refit USS Hood

For my science officer:
Prometheus MVAE USS Arizona
Odysee USS Musashi
Mirror star cruiser USS Tirpitz
Luna USS Fuso
Excelsior refit USS Crazy Horse
SGT Milton Monzon, SGT Alexander Fuller, SGT Michael Bartley, SGT Martin LaMar
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# 129
12-10-2012, 09:45 AM
I served in the US Navy for 11 years and was on three ships. Most of the ships I fly are named after those ships of sister ships.

USS Constellation (aircraft carrier)
USS Patriot (minesweeper)
USS Chief (minesweeper)

my Ody tac was USS Constellation - F
I currently fly a defiant USS Valiant
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# 130
12-10-2012, 09:49 AM
The ship I use the more right now is my Krenn destroyer so I called it wa'leS'wa' (Tomorrow One)

I also use my Galor which I called qarDaS tev (Cardassian prize)

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