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# 1 Shield Heals in Season 7
11-01-2012, 11:34 PM
So earlier, I posted a thread in General Feedback about the BFI DOFF and how I like the fair, but still useful balance pass it got.

What I began to realize though, is that while it is a good pass, I think that shield healing might be getting a huge boost, including for the BFI DOFF.

What I'm mostly referring to is the skill of Shield Emitters. In and of itself, not an overpowered skill, since you really need at least a few points to make your shield heals actually worth using. What I'm realizing is that Shield Emitters has been slowly gaining a huge boost indirectly overtime.

Here's kind of the breakdown:

99 points in Emitters, up to 10 from a Fleet bonus, 25 from a DOFF crit mission, and the plus 100 you can briefly get from the Sci boost of Romulan Rep, plus any other skill boosts I might be forgetting, and on top of that, Emitter Array consoles.

If using a science ship with 5 sci consoles (only two atm, the eventual sci-heavy Vesta, and the Fleet Intrepid, all other ships have no more than 4).

All together, that's a possible total of 384, presuming max stuff across the board (including using Mk XII very rare Emitter Array consoles), and that I didn't forget any other boosts.

Now that's of course presuming a sci ship with 5 consoles, and they are willing to do all that. Even without the brief 5 second boost, that's a constant skill of 284 points into Emitters.

I dunno how the numbers will be affected by all this in the future, so maybe even a huge number like that won't make as much of a difference as I think it might make, or maybe it will, but I felt it was worth mentioning at the very least.
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