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It happens to us all, you get stuck with a group of 'baddies' and 'noobs' and 'morons' in your E-STF pugs all the time and they keep making you loose the mission or it takes forever and I have the solution! A solution that can be easily implemented for everyone!

Learn to Carry. Thats right, every time an STF doesn't go the way you want it to it is your own fault. Not the noobs or the baddies but yours. You should have carried harder! Now first off is the checklist of what you need to carry.

1) A crapton of DPS.
2) Form of movement CC.
3) High mobility.
4) Enough survivability.

So to see if you can meet the checklist there are a few simple ways to check in the missions.

Go left, make sure no one follows. Now kill the BoPs and start on the nanite probes. And do it like a proper carry and kill a single bottom one and then the top one. Do not let more than one wave of BoPs get past you, only while annihilating the Neg'Var are you allowed to let one get past. Oh yeah and you have to kill the Neg'Var and Raptor guard spawns by yourself, all the BoP spawns, and all 6 nanite probes. You have 6 minutes. 7 if your in a non tac heavy ship. Oh and you also have to kill the first raptor trio spawn before they fire a shot at the kang.

When the 2 spheres show up after 2 nanites are popped grab their agro and tank 'em until the gennie is down. Also, make sure you can hold off the gate spawns for atleast a minute by yourself before they get a chance to heal.

Go the direction a single player goes. Kill everything except the probes that the other guy should be killing. That means everything. You have 10 minutes. 12 in a non tac heavy ship.

And if you cannot complete the above checklist then you my friend are one of the so called 'baddies' in the Queue. But don't despair, it only takes 2 decent players to carry an STF so its all good and if people complain about ya or tell you to learn to play just tell them they need to learn to carry harder!

Just refrain from raging on your team-mates please.

Things to help carry
1) Escort (not required but still the optimal/easiest to setup)
2) Attack pattern beta 2, cannon rapid fire 3, cannon scatter volley 1
3) E-power to shields, Tactical Team, Hazard Emitters
4) Tractor Beam Re-pulsars (ONLY USE WHEN ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED OR ELSE), Gravity Well, Vent Theta Radiation, Eject Warp Plasma
5) 3x Dual Heavy Cannons, 1x Turret all same energy type

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