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11-02-2012, 07:17 AM
hi all

As part of my upcomming promotion, I plan to buy ethier the Galaxy class or Intrepid class startships.

Can any of you guys give me advice on what bits to use?

I don`t want to get rid of any of my tactical abilities as I plan to use them on all my possible ships. The stuff in brackets are my tac abilities (Tactical Lt commander Beam fire at will, proton spread and cannon rapid fire).

As I rank up past captain however I will use the ships from Captain for cruising and exploring sector space systems by completing the outreach programme. I will also use it for transport between planets and invasion zones and use it for PvE.

I want to get a Intrepid class as I am a voyager fan!!

Help would be appreciated!!!!!!


Commander James A. Highland
WASIC First Fighter wing

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