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Originally Posted by scbypwr View Post
One final question......

polarized disruptor or disruptor?
You lose nothing by taking the extra Proc, even without any investment into Flow Capacitors... so Polarized Disruptors all the way for PVE. If you're gonna go the PVP route though, it's pretty much Phasers for the chance to disable shields.

Originally Posted by verkion View Post
Is there a detailed comparison of APB3 vs. the equivalent 3rd level Cannon skill? i.e. Is it better to equip CSV3/lower APB or APB3/lower CSV?
Try here.

Note that as-per the above conversation, APB is affected by the whole Damage Resistance Diminishing Returns mechanic. Under a best-case scenario you can still deal 50% more hull damage whenever you use APB3, but on average for an unbuffed enemy (one with no damage resistance) after DR it'll work out to about 33% more hull damage. Remember though that this is applied to all damage sources hitting the enemy you shoot at - Teammates, Pets, Torps, Energy Weapons, Warp Plasma DoTs, Gravity wells, etc. etc.

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DONT mix DHC with DC! The cooldown will crash making you unable to fire at certain periods of time! Since each Dc has 2 sec cooldown while DHC has 3 sec cooldown and all of them has 1 sec universal cooldown, it is better if you have 4 weapon slots, put 3 DHC and one Torpedo. If you have only 3 weapons slots, put 2 DC and one torpedo. But I also have a question. Does Dual Beam Banks share cooldown with DHC? I wonder what will happen, If dual Beam Bank has a seperate cooldown, change my weapons to DC DC DBB DBB
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Hybrid weapons like the polarized disruptors DO suffer vs normal disruptors. For one, the extra proc eats one of your modifiers. A purple mk XII polarized disruptor only ever will have 2 modifiers. A purple mk XII disruptor will have 3. That's an extra acc, crth, dmg, whatever you like. I think, personally, that the proc should be innate and NOT a modifier, and as such I prefer non-hybrid weapons. That allows me to focus on the modifiers I want.
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Originally Posted by maelwy5 View Post

I have yet to see a valid argument for taking anything else in the Commander slot over APB3
I take Beta dispersal III. 4 tric mines dumping out every 30 sec is not something you can sneeze at. Ive seen a single deployment of them do over 400K damage. dont care what weaps/abilities you replace it with its not gonna do better than that.
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Originally Posted by valundario View Post
I take Beta dispersal III. 4 tric mines dumping out every 30 sec is not something you can sneeze at. Ive seen a single deployment of them do over 400K damage. dont care what weaps/abilities you replace it with its not gonna do better than that.
Firstly; that's the One-Crits-All-Crit bug.

Secondly; tagging your targets with APB3 prior to a DPB2 will do more damage than DPB3 on its own.

There is an argument for taking [DPA3/DPB3 + APB2] over [DPA2/DPB2 + APB3], but it's a purely selfish one since whenever you use higher tier DPXs you only buff your own Tric damage. Basically, you need to figure out if your launching 4 mines instead of 3 every 30 seconds is worth the enemy taking 10% less damage from all sources.

If you're able to leverage those 4 mines reliably (e.g. you're kitted up with Tricobalt Tactical consoles and able to remain within a few KM of whatever you're shooting at) and your teammates' damage output is completely rubbish, then yes, it could be a better option. But if you're flying with competent players and/or at any real range, you're probably not going to see much benefit.

That said, I've two builds that make use of Tric mines - an Armitage and an Orb Weaver - and I've used the higher tier DPX powers to good effect on certain PUGs. (Though I've found that DPX2 is more than sufficient to take out a wing of KASE Probes...)

I'm a firm believer that the "ideal" Tac BOFF setup for a PVE Escort - ignoring Tractor Beams - is a Com/LtCom pairing with TT1x2, TS2, CSV1, CRF2, DPX2 and APB3. The problem is that there are so many other goodies to try and squeeze in too - Grav Well especially, but also Aux2Bat, TBR, etc...

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Those mines work wonders. With them i dominate the transceivers, and ALL probes die simply to aoe splash and the mines.. .i can target the gate 100% of the time. (not to mention that it absolutely destroys donatra)

What i use is this:

2 tact teams 2 torp spreads 2 cannon scatter and then the beta dispersal

2 emergency to weaps

a hazard, rotate, shield buff etc.... for the rest

3DHC 1 quan (switching back to 1DBB 1DHC 1DC and 1 quan to continue my testing for another thread)

would i be better off with 2 torps vs the 1 i have now?

Any other suggestions? (besides to stop being cheap and redoing my skills that i know i jacked up)

Edit: oh yeah in back 1 turret and 2 tric mines. (energy type is plasma, purely for the sound/visuals... did a test and those ones barely squeeked past tetryon and polaron for the coolest looking/sounding)

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