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# 1 New PVP Missions Idea, Devs
11-02-2012, 02:43 AM
Dear Devs and gamers,

We all know that the PVP section is sorely lacking and a nearly pointless part of this game, aside from **** measuring. It is hurting from the lack of balance, reward, and an in-game reason to be fighting.

I have come up with a 4 part mission set that will put PVP back into the spotlight, or at least make it worthwhile.


Lore:There is a new system, right on the border of the Federation and the Empire. In the middle of contested space. There, on the fourth planet, is a rich and bountiful Dilthium vein, the like of which neither side has ever seen. Both make claims to the production plant, the mine, and the trade routes out of the system. Only elite captains and the bravest warriors can secure this mine, and it's dilithium bounty, for their entire faction.

Overview: This system would be broken up into four parts. Each part will represent part of the supply chain of dilithium to your faction. The first three maps determines who will hold control of the mine for the week. The last map will determine the amount of dilithium you can get per six hour period, if your faction has the mine.

If your faction has control of the mine for that week, you will be eligible to start a doff mission that will reward you dilithium based on the score on the Supply run map for the last 6 hour block. However, the attacking faction can effectively shut out all supplies runs for the six hours, and you will get nothing for that time period.

If your faction is not in control, you will be actively attacking and sabotaging the operation trying to win back control of the mine. Being an attacker and Defender are two very different roles and have various benefits and risks depending on the map.

Current stats on the maps will need to be on a menu, as to allow people to decide where to go strategically speaking.

If Attackers win 3/3, They win the mine for the next week.
If Defenders win 3/3, The hold the mine for another week.
If the Attackers win 2/3, the Kill/death ratio within the Supply run map will determine if they have a wild card or not.
If the Defenders win 2/3, They hold the system, but will have a reduced output by 33%

Map 1: Mining center
Type: Ground PVP
Score per match: first to 15 kills
Score per week: Faction with most wins will earn the map
Teams: One 5-man team of Defenders, Two 5-man teams of Attackers

Setup: The Defenders will be in a small well defended area, with some barricades and natural features with their spawn point well within the complex. Several activatable defenses will also be in there, such as turrets and mine fields.

However, the base in a valley between three hills, and there is a lot of cover across the hills. Also, the base is large and is not easily defended by four people.

The Attackers Will have several spawn points scattered across the top of the hills, with many possible routes towards the base. They will have twice the numbers, but they are going to need it to fight their way into enemy territory.

Map 2: Orbital station Defenses
Type: Space Cap and Hold (with a twist)
Score per Match: Last faction to hold all defense platforms after a 5 minute grace window
Score per Week: Most wins
Teams: One 5-man team of Defenders, Two 5-man teams of Attackers

Setup: The Defenders have reprogrammed the 8 defense satellites around the planet to recognize them as friends, and the opposing faction as foes. However, the network is weak and prone to hacks. And the satellites themselves do not have a powerful shot, but it is enough to throw the enemy off balance. When an satellites is being boarded, it will sent out a distress call to the attackers. There will be a 5 minute grace window to get the game started and to unbalance the satellites a bit. But after the five minute warm-up, the first faction to hold all the satellites will win the match.

The Attackers must to reset these satellites to view them as friendly. But this is not easy, as they need to beam espionage teams into the satellites... while under fire from said satellite, and any enemy ships in the area. To do this, one Attack must first draw aggro off the raid ship and onto themselves (Each Satellite will do maybe 50 DPS.. not enough to hurt you, but enough to make you go to Red Alert). Then, when the raiding ship is out of red alert and can drop their shields, they may beam over the espionage teams. After about 20 seconds, the process is complete, and the satellite is now friendly to them. However, a defender can come in during those 20 seconds and knock the raiding ship back into combat, and the process will have to start over again.

Map 3: Deep Space Open PVP
Type: Open PVP
Score per Match: Erm.. you die and respawn?
Score per week: Best over all Kill/Death Ratio for any member entering the map.
Teams: As many friends as you can bring

Setup: This is what Ker'rat SHOULD have been. A full out Rock 'em Sock 'em unending death match in space. This will not be queued base but will be one of the options when approaching the system, much like how you enter Ker'rat today. When you enter, the game will attempted to place you in a map with even number friend and foe.. But, who knows. All if far in love and war. Everytime you die, you lose a point for your faction, every time you kill someone, you gain a point. Faction with the most points win.

Oh, and this map will be fixed with safe spawn zones for both sides, and no faction glitching either. And the Zone will not reset every 5-15 minutes or so. It will just... Exist... as The Last Battleground for us to be let at.

Map 4: Supply run
Type: Space PVP Escort mission
Score per match: 25 Points per successful freighter, points deducted based on health of freighter.
Score per six-hour period: Average score of runs in the past 6 hours will be the dilithium earned for that block. Reward will be accessed Faction wide via a 100% success rate doff mission.
Score per week: Kill/death ratios of captains. (acts as wild card)
Teams: One 5-man team of Defenders, One 5-man teams of Attackers

Setup: The Defenders now have the Dilithium, but they now have to ship it off the front lines safely. From the Base to the warp out point is a 50 km long stretch of death. Defenders have to ensure that the dilithium gets out safely and intact. Their spawn point is at either end of the trail, and their will respawn to the closer one. Freighters are targetable and any hull damage could lose out on potential payout. And a Destoryed vessel rewards nothing. But you better move fast, as their can be five or six freighters fighting to get out at once.

The Attackers may have lost the battle last week, but they are not going to lose the war! If you attack the supply lines long and hard enough, the Defender's faction will get NOTHING for that 6 hour cycle. Attackers Spawn points will be about 25 kms away from the midpoint of the freighters run. Easy access to all points of the map.

TLR? Too bad. I think this would be a fun and rewarding way to integrate both PVP, resource grabbing, and the freaken Fed-KDF war into the game.

I BEG the devs not to make this timegated, as it would put an unfair burden on off set time zones, and timegating is just mean.

It could be possible to have short term rewards within each match. Participation dilithium

Also, I had an idea for that the faction in hold of the mine will be able to visit it in a new social zone. Within that zone, there could be a rare Dilithium shop that sells unique consumable goods, both combat and social.

Ok, I'm finally done. Only took me about 6 hours to create this. Any Questions? Comments? Attention form a dev??

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# 2
11-02-2012, 09:45 AM
You mention not time-gating it, but having a faction hold it for a week is a form of time-gate. I do like the idea of having a faction hold onto their gains for an extended amount of time, but I would make it every few hours (3-4) from the end of the last match on any particular map to get involvement in PvP up. Having it once a week isn't quite enough for the audience that is Star Trek Online I think.

The other part is how many people you can get on one map. Cryptic at the moment has a cap I think of 75. It would be rad if that was upped to accommodate a truly massive number of people (250 or more) so the various ground and space engagements could have some huge scale to them. Alternately, this could be augmented with NPC's that are spawned when the map is in play. Either way, you would still only be able to get so many people in and there may be more that want in.

You could adopt the approach that The Secret World and Guild Wars 2 have with their Open PvP zones is which you have one map with so many slots and once those slots fill you have people waiting in line for others to leave. I'd opt for this myself as it goes hand in hand with having an open zone(s) all the time with no time-gate/delay ever and allows PvP play all the time.
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# 3
11-02-2012, 11:11 AM
I admit I like the general idea of it.

Not sure if I like the implementation of the idea.

I'd rather see it as a three-part progressive match.

Part 1: 20-Man Space (10v10) -- Both factions have a certain number of incoming freighters to protect. They can also elect to try to destroy the freighters from the opposite side. Just to make it interesting, NPC fighter wings will spawn and attack the Freighters as they get closer to the planet. Freighters that make it into orbit represent that side's maximum Dilithium reward... the more Freighters that make it to the safety of their side's orbital station, the more Dilithium they can "take out" at the end.

This part could reward drops of Commodities for destroyed freighters.

Part 2: 20-Man Ground (10v10) -- Both factions have established drill sites on the surface. Some players will need to man drills, some players will need to protect the drillers, and other players will need to disrupt the drilling on the opposing side. The drillers will basically be playing a minigame similar to the regular Dilithium Mining but with bigger rewards. If a driller is "KO'd" their drilling is interrupted (or they can stop drilling to defend themselves). The higher the team score on drilling before the match times out, the more freighters will be loaded (limited by the number of freighters their side has).

Just for fun, maybe there could also be a 10 minute "Transport Dilithium" DOFF assignment at the drill site that gives individual Dilithium rewards.

Another fun side objective could be an assignment that gives a chance to find a single Lobi crystal on a Critical Success (otherwise rewards a random data sample). This would only be available from this map.

A special completion reward for this part could be a Dilithium Boost consumable, to increase the amount of Dilithium earned in a similar way as the other boosts work.

Part 3: 20-Man Space (10v10)-- Both factions need to escort loaded freighters back to their side's warp out point. They can also try to capture opposing freighters. Unlike in the first match, the freighters will follow whichever ship is escorting them until that ship is out of range or destroyed and then they're up for grabs for someone else to escort them. Unescorted freighters try to return to the planet. Both sides get rewarded Dilithium according to how many loaded freighters they managed to escort successfully.

Rather than being time-gated, the scenario would be more of a "Beat the Clock" PvP. Both sides would get rewards based on performance and it would provide opportunities for all types of captains and ships to play a role.

Completing Part 1 would open a new queue for Part 2, which would automatically add everyone who played in the first queue but allow others to join if vacancies open up. Same for Part 2 opening a queue for Part 3.

For sure they'd certainly need new tech to do something like that... we don't currently have multipart PvP matches or anything that passes counts (# of available freighters) from queue to queue. Not going to happen soon.
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11-02-2012, 11:44 AM
I like your ideas, Blue. Good thinking.

We need both these queueable scenarios and some sort of open PvP zone/system. Something. Please.. I can't...
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11-02-2012, 11:53 AM
OK, I could get behind your idea Blue. I would just like to get the ball rolling on some sort of PVP event that made it relevant to the rest of us.

@rjcfoxtrot All of the numbers are general and thrown out there for the lulz. I can see what you mean by holding it for a week being too long. Changing possession once every 3-4 hours would make for a more rapid, but more accurate system. And it would be less numbers to carry over for the weekly score.
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11-02-2012, 11:58 AM
anyhting pvp related at this point is welcome......don't hold your breaths so.

The Devs are too busy working on the release of S7 right now, after this work on S8 will consume most time, work on season 9 will mean not much time for pvp, S (n+1) ....
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