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# 1 a bit disappointed
11-02-2012, 01:15 PM
dont get me wrong, i like the new stuff in general. and the dailys in sectorspace are fun.

but i miss something essential here. i mean, its a new season, shouldnt there be an episodic introduction to it? even if its just a simple "escort freighters from a to b and defend them if neccessary"-type of thing (like from devron system to tau dewa). hell, even if it has no rewards at all, but for the sake of storytelling.

if i wouldnt have paid attention to the latest dev blogs which made me curious enough to give it a try on tribble, i wouldnt even have recognize that theres a new sector block. so guess what happens to the players that come back for the new stuff and imagine the flooded chat-window with the very same question "where is the season 7 stuff? which contact do i have to talk to? coordinates of the system plsssss"

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