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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

New Features:
  • Hive Onslaught
    • This is a new 5 player Space STF.
    • Level 45-50 Klingon and Starfleet officers can work together to defeat the Borg Queen who has embodied an Octahedron.
      • Level 50 Players will have a chance to earn even more glory by playing the STF in Elite mode.
      • Defeat the queen and her guards.
      • Complete optional mission for even more rewards.
    • Players will earn Omega Marks.
    • Play during the Reputation Hour to earn even more marks.
    • Note: rewards are still being adjusted.
  • Epohh Raising
    • Players who have access to New Romulus can speak to Toreth in the Epohh Fields to start raising epohhs!
    • Toreth hands out a daily mission where players must tag as many epohhs as they can in one minute and thirty seconds.
      • The more epohhs that are tagged, the more Romulan Marks and Epohh Tags players will receive.
      • Players can team up to get a higher score on the mission.
    • Players can use four epohh tags to run a Duty Officer mission granted by Toreth.
      • Success on the mission grants one epohh research; critical success grants three.
    • Players can exchange five epohh research to receive a non-combat epohh pup pet of their choosing from Toreth.
    • Players can then speak to the appropriate researcher new Toreth to run a Duty Officer mission to raise their epohh pets.
      • Success in the Duty Officer mission will move the epohh pet to their next age. Critical success will evolve the epohh into a unique color!
      • Every epohh is a summonable non-combat pet.
    • You can either keep your epohh or give your raised epohhs to Toreth in exchange for Romulan Marks. She will find them a good home that doesn't move around exploring the dangerous regions of space!
    • Please keep in mind that these numbers are subject to change.

  • Updated French and German translations.
  • Updated Fleet Actions:
    • Increased Dilithium rewards for the Fleet Actions that reward Dilithium, e.g. Starbase 24.
      • Rather than rewarding increased Dilithium, 1st place in Fleet Actions will now reward 2 Purple items and the same Dilithium value as other participants in the Fleet Action recieve.
    • Fleet Actions that reward Dilithium now have a 30 minute cooldown.
  • Rearranged the chairs around the conference table for the Federation Fleet starbase unlock.
  • Added a toastmaster NPC next to the KDF Fleet Bloodwine Fountain unlock to explain the different toasts to be made
  • Arucanis Arm is now listed on the system list in the Regulus Sector Block.
  • Split up Science Consoles into tabbed inventory on Embassy store interface.
  • Resolved an issue where several contacts had white backgrounds on their dialog.

  • The Fluidic Space Fleet action has been disabled.
  • Nukara Tholian Invasion: Fixed a typo in the Exterior Hard mission name.
  • The Vault: Ensnared: The named Tholian Flagship now properly warps out when time runs out.
  • Updated Researcher Rescue to improve Bridge Officer pathing and navigation.
  • Updated Tau Dewa Sector:
    • Enabled Duty Officer assignments for the Tau Dewa sector.
    • The following system maps now have anomalies:
      • Archer
      • Narendra
      • Gamma Eridon
      • Galorndan Core
      • Beta Lankal
      • Starbase 234
      • Beta Thoridor
      • Japori
      • Carraya
      • Jouret
    • The Deep Space Encounters and Red Alerts in this sector will now correctly only allow level 50 characters in.
  • Updated New Romulus:
    • Added a consumable device vendor to the New Romulus staging area.
    • Added a transporter to epohh fields.
    • Added a transporter to the ruins instance area.
    • Added a transporter to the mountain instance area.
    • Moved forest transporter and mission giver to inside the crater.
    • Move mountain transporter and mission giver to the mouth of the mountains.
    • Added cooldowns to all New Romulus instance personal missions.
      • They are 20 hour from start cooldowns.
  • Reinstated the cooldown on the Azure Nebula event.
  • Updated the Pheben patrol so that KDF players no longer receive hails from Starfleet officers.
  • Added Officer of the Watch missions to the Romulan Embassy.

Omega Reputation:
  • Updated the descriptions for all of the Omega Tier Unlocks.
  • Altered commodity requirements on Reputation XP projects to be more thematically appropriate.
    • This change will cause players to lose progress if they had a commodity requirement half-filled.
    • Any projects already in-progress will continue unimpeded.
  • The Borg Neural Processor turn-in project can only be slotted after you have run at least one Elite STF.
    • This will hopefully prevent players from slotting the project unless they have the means to complete it.
  • Resolved description errors in many Store Unlock projects and updated their text to clarify the nature of these projects as being different from direct rewards.
  • Standardized commodity inputs for many different direct gear reward projects
    • Eg. all Deflector projects require the same commodities.
  • Reduced the Mark and/or Dilithium Cost of all of the following projects:
    • Omega Torpedo Launcher
    • Kinetic Cutting Beam
    • Universal Console - Assimilated Module
    • Mk X Assimilated Impulse Engine
    • Mk X Assimilated Regenerative Shield Array
  • Updated costs for Omega Projects.
    • All Mk X Ground Set Projects
      • Omega Mark cost unchanged at 250
      • Dilithium cost reduced from 6500 to 3500
    • All Mk X Assimilated Set Projects
      • Omega Mark cost increased from 250 to 450
      • Dilithium cost reduced from 20000 to 14000
    • Maco/Omega/KHG Mk X Space Set Projects
      • Omega Mark cost increased from 250 to 500
      • Dilithium cost reduced from 18000 to 15500
    • All Mk XI Ground Set Projects
      • Omega Mark cost reduced from 500 to 375
      • Dilithium cost reduced from 8500 to 5500
    • All Mk XI Assimilated Set Projects
      • Omega Mark cost increased from 500 to 675
      • Dilithium cost reduced from 25000 to 18000
    • Maco/Omega/KHG Mk XI Space Set Projects
      • Omega Mark cost increased from 500 to 750
      • Dilithium cost reduced from 25000 to 20000
    • All Mk XII Ground Set Projects
      • Omega Mark Cost reduced from 1000 to 500
      • Borg Neural Processor cost increased from 5 to 10
      • Dilithium cost reduced from 12000 to 9000
    • All Mk XII Assimilated Set Projects
      • Omega Mark cost reduced from 1000 to 900
      • Borg Neural Processor cost unchanged at 5
      • Dilithium cost reduced from 36000 to 32500
    • Maco/Omega/KHG Mk XII Space Set Projects
      • Omega Mark cost unchanged at 1000
      • Borg Neural Processor cost increased from 5 to 10
      • Dilithium cost reduced from 36000 to 34000
    • Omega Adapted Borg Tech "Alt Set" Projects
      • Omega Mark cost increased to 500 per piece
      • Dilithium cost increased to 15000 per piece

Romulan Reputation:
  • Updated the description for all of the Romulan Tier unlocks.
  • Updated costs for Romulan Projects.
    • All Mk XI Rare Space Set Projects
      • Romulan Mark cost increased from 120 to 250
      • Dilithium cost reduced from 50000 to 13500
    • All Mk XII Rare Space Set Projects
      • Romulan Mark cost increased from 180 to 500
      • Dilithium cost reduced from 60000 to 18000
    • All Mk XII Very Rare Space Set Projects
      • Romulan Mark cost increased from 240 to 750
      • Dilithium cost reduced from 72000 to 32000
    • Romulan Singularity Harness "Alt Set" Projects
      • Romulan Mark cost increased to 500 per piece
      • Dilithium Cost reduced to 15000 per piece

  • Reputation powers will now show up in the Passives list on the character sheet.
  • Updated the descriptions for all of the Embassy Tier unlocks.
  • Removed the non-functional Embassy Transwarp project.
  • Changed the display names of the new Romulan Consoles.
  • Romulan Bridge Officers now have names, and no longer erroneously allow you to take them to a Tailor.
  • Fixed duration on "Targeted Disruption".
    • It now lasts 15 seconds as intended, instead of the 30 it was previously lasting.
  • All Gear Rewards, Consumable Items, and Store Unlock projects have had their durations reduced to 2 Hours.
  • Added a 10 second cooldown to the Shield Heal and Hull Heal procs from the new Romulan consoles.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing all summoned space "pets" to spawn too low.
    • This includes mines, warp plasma, fighters, etc.
  • Romulan Embassy:
    • All stores have been updated to use Provisions from Embassy projects instead of using Starbase provisions.
    • Removed provisioning from the Duty Officer Store.
  • Clarified tooltips for Slipstream and related "faster than warp" sector travel powers.
    • Slipstream, Advanced Slipstream, Borg Assimilated Subtranswarp engine, M.A.C.O. Asynchronous Warp Field, and Fleet Asynchronous Warp Field Engines.
    • Also tuned values for all for more appropriate progression.
  • Updated Mobius and Krenn Weapon power and default Defense.
    • Both ships were getting double inherent defense bonus and an extra +15 weapon power. This is now corrected.
  • Updated requirements for Fleet Starbase projects.
    • Replaced all Gamma Quadrant commodities, turrets and weapon platform requirements with standard commodity requirements.
    • Replaced rare food/drink items from Bartender and Chef unlock projects with standard Food/Drink inputs.
    • Reduced all Duty Officer input requirements on Fleet Starbase Projects
      • If a project previously required only White duty officers, the number required has been decreased .
      • If a project previously required a specific Specialization, it generally now requires a Department instead.
      • All Green, Blue and Purple quality requirements on Duty Officers were reduced to White quality requirements.
        • These changes in quality and relative value haves led to many requirements increasing in number of items required, but not in overall cost.
    • For all of the above changes:
      • Projects already in progress, with the Duration Timer counting down, will be unaffected by the above changes.
      • If you have already input items into any of the affected requirement fields, you will not lose your ongoing progress or any Fleet Credit you earned by doing so.
      • If a requirement field was previously filled and now requires a higher number of inputs, it will no longer be filled unless the project has already begun its duration timer.
      • If a requirement field was previously partially-filled and now requires fewer inputs, causing it to fill, this will require the Project's duration timer to begin if it was the last remaining incomplete requirement.

  • Made some visual improvements to the loading screens.
  • Updated the text for What's New in Season 7.
  • Removed the superfluous Fleet Credits icon from the reward screen when Donating Embassy Provisions to Embassy projects.
  • Reputation projects that have collectable rewards will now display the rewards that might be collected with the rest of the rewards.
  • Updated the Bridge Officer rarity overlays with a new art style so they don't wash out the Bridge Officer's career color.
  • A portrait of the contact's headshot has been added to the communication log.
  • The fleet roster page now has an option to display the total fleet credits earned between the Starbase and Embassy holdings.
  • The ship name in the ship store will no longer overlap the Zen and Purchased checkmark.
  • Added Foundry Spotlight support to the mission Journal!
    • The Hail button will start the Foundry mission.
    • The More button will go to the new Spotlight Archive tab.
    • Players must accept the standard Foundry EULA before playing Foundry missions.
      • The Hail and More buttons will be replaced with a single "View EULA" button if a player hasn't accepted it already.
    • The "Community Authored" tab has been renamed to "Browse All".
  • There is now a keybind option to open the reputations screen.
  • Resolved an issue which caused the map and minimap to use the wrong icon for player-placed waypoints.
  • The Foundry mission review popup will no longer default to a 3 star rating.
    • A rating must be manually chosen.

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