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... or simply be statisfied with a Fleet Escort Retrofit Defiant?

I know what the stats say, but i'm hoping for some feedback from captains that swear by each, or even better ... have both and know which way they've chosen or would choose again knowing now what they know.


I currently fly a Defiant and our tier 3 SB shipyards will be online in abour 2 hours. I welcome your suggestions.

Play style, mainly PVE. 3 DHCs with a Quant up front, 3 Turrents in the rear ... all AP Mk12. Standard tac escort build (space heavy, what's left into ground).


don't forget to test tribble this weekend for at least 1 hour to earn your gift.
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11-02-2012, 04:16 PM
Honestly? I'd go for the Defiant, a far easier and cheaper ship to get and it's pretty damned awesome with the five tactical consoles, sure Bug pilots will tell you different, but most of them will still squirm when they're facing down Starfleet's 'Escort' class prototype ;-)

That said, I understand there's a rather awesome turn rate on the Bug, but unless you're prepared to really grind for it? Let it go...
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11-02-2012, 04:25 PM
Jem ship isn't really different enough from the Fleet Defiant to warrant the cost. It has a slightly better boff layout if you are not using a torp or dbb, but if you are the Fleet Defiants boff layout can be useful too. Jem ship has worse console layout then defiant, 1 sci console and 4 eng, vs 2 sci and 3 eng on defiant. Jem ship only gets 1.5k more hull and 3 more base turn which isnt all that noticeble of a difference against the Defiants. Defiant has option to use cloak console which is great in pvp, not so good in pve.

So overall Defiant is slightly better damage dealer while jem ship is slightly more manuverable and hull tanky.

I take out jem ships regularly and get killed by them regularly in my Fleet Defiant, they are both pretty well matched.
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# 4
11-02-2012, 05:56 PM
Thank you both for the feedback.
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11-02-2012, 06:11 PM
Personally I'm quite content with my f2p patrol escort it does dual EPtS and an aux2SIF and TT with room for TSS and HE (if you want it, personally I take ST) It's got a good console layout 3/2/4.

When it comes to escorts I swear by that
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11-03-2012, 01:44 PM
I can understand the reluctance to go for a bug ship owing to costs HOWEVER if you were ever going to go for a bug ship, now is the time and the way to do that is via the exchange.

If you look at the exchange, the bug ship prices have dropped dramatically since they've become available again. Happened last time this happened, too.

Me, I'll swear by the bug. It's a much tougher ship that turns pretty much on the spot.
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11-03-2012, 02:12 PM
Is the Bug better flown w/a Tac or an Eng toon ?
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11-03-2012, 02:17 PM
Originally Posted by aelfwin1 View Post
Is the Bug better flown w/a Tac or an Eng toon ?
Until something changes everything is flown better as a Tac... at least thats my opinion
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11-03-2012, 02:30 PM
Personally I would say if you think you have luck on your side and you have the zen to do it then go for it! But thats me, I want the bug...not so much because its one of the best escorts around but because I love Jem'Hadar ships and not sure we will ever see a playable Jemmy Battleship.
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11-03-2012, 02:59 PM
the chance of getting a bug is probably like 1/80 or 1/90 or thereabouts. so while you could get lucky and get it within 10 boxes, chances are you wont. hell with odds so low you could open 200 and not get it. its pure luck.

im not sure what the EC price on the exchange is but unless you are loaded with money, and absolutly are in love with the bug ship, then get the defiant

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