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# 1 Carrier for Sci Captain?
11-02-2012, 08:47 PM
I've been trying to find the right ship for my Sci captain. I had an RSV but it wasn't working out very well?I've realized that science ships don't really suit my play style very well. I do better when I'm more of a "lone wolf"?I do a lot of STF's and with that you never know if you're going to have support or not, even if the team is more coordinated. The problem with Sci ships I've found is that they're support vessels, and really don't function well without a cruiser or escort to back them up. I was thinking, maybe I should start saving my Zen for an Atrox carrier. I have the heavy escort carrier and Vo'quv carrier, so I know I like carrier play, but is the Atrox carrier a good choice for a Sci captain? I would just get it and see, but it is rather expensive and I don't want to waste my points on a bad ship if it's not worth it.

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